Happy Feet Donald Duck Slippers

Like our good friends from SunStaches, Happy Feet had the opportunity to showcase their fun products on Shark Tank.

Happy Feet has a line of plush slippers that include many of our favorite Disney/Pixar/Marvel characters…including Donald Duck.

I haven’t seen these in person, but they look very comfortable. Who wouldn’t want to wear stuffed animals on their feet?

There is even a fun Disney Emoji Blitz design for fans of that game.

Happy Feet also sells multiple different Donald Duck themed Zlipperz. A Zlipperz is a slipper where you can zip off the top design and mix and match the top of the slipper by zipping on your desired design combination. Here are some of the Donald Duck designs available:

Daisy Duck also has some great Zlipperz designs:

I could see Disney Duck fans mix and matching Donald and Daisy Zlipperz together.

These designs look great. You can check out all of the slippers and Zlipperz designs which include much more than Disney on Happy Feet’s Website.

Some of the other designs that we thought were really fun:

We have our fingers crossed that they get the DuckTales license because we would love some Scrooge McDuck slippers and…Darkwing Duck!

What do you think of these Happy Feet slippers and Zlipperz designs? What are some of your favorites from their website? Comment below or tweet us @DuckTalks

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