Scrooge McDuck Money Bin Now Available In Disney Magic Kingdoms!

As many of our followers know I have been playing Disney Magic Kingdoms ever since they added DuckTales content (98 days to be exact). I’ll include an update to my progress at the end of the blog.

The Money Bin was added to DMK after the initial DuckTales content, but we were disappointed that it was only to players who ranked in the top 100. Although we knew the Bin would eventually be available for all players it was still a major bummer.

Well it’s been a couple of months and I just realized the Money Bin was added to the game! I must have missed the announcement, but I noticed the Bin today while looking through the chest options.

So far, the only way that I have seen to add the Money Bin to your Magic Kingdom is to pull it in an Attraction Enhancement Chest. As you can see above, one chest is 75 gems or you can save 150 gems to get three chests.

I am not sure if Scrooge’s Money Bin will become available any other way in the future of my play, but now I have a place to spend my gems!

My Update!

My goal playing Disney Magic Kingdoms has been to collect all of the DuckTales content. To do that I had to earn Donald and his houseboat.

My Donald is currently at level 8. He is the first character I update after my current quests. I have a quest that needs him to be at level 10.

I am still focusing on leveling up Huey, Dewey, and Louie. I only need some Number One Dimes to advance Huey and Dewey.

Last I shared my progress I was close to earning Scrooge McDuck. Well, I got closer… and then bought $1.99 worth of gems to unlock him. Haha. I know, but I couldn’t wait any longer. I do t care to pay a little in these games, but I won’t support the higher prices.

There is my Disney Magic Kingdoms update and an update for anyone who wants the Money Bin. A random pull from a costly chest isn’t ideal, but at least we all have a chance now!

Are you playing DMK? Do you have any of the DuckTales content? Join the conversation below or on social media.

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