Enjoy “Disney A Christmas Carol, Starring Uncle Scrooge” from Dark Horse Comics!

Two things we love are comic books and Disney’s A Christmas Carol. Of course if you put them together we are going to love the combination! Check out Dark Horse’s description below.

Celebrate the holiday spirit in this adaptation of Charles Dickens’s classic ghost story! Scrooge McDuck is a grumpy old business owner with a heart of stone. On Christmas Eve, Scrooge is visited by three spirits who take him on journeys to his past, present, and future. Share in the wisdom and inspiration of Scrooge as he learns to open his heart on Christmas night—and all nights to come!

The story was written by Guido Martina, and the cover is by Giovan Battista Carpri. The art was provided by Jose Colomer Fonts. The book was released today and it’s marked down for digital purchase from $8.99 to $5.99. They have also provided a preview.

Disney A Christmas Carol, Starring Scrooge McDuck

Shout out to @JuanJohnJedi for the heads up!

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