Donald Duck “Trick or Treat” Collectible Figurine Set Review

Disney may not be producing as much merchandise to celebrate Donald’s 85th birthday as they did with Mickey’s 90th, but we’re still seeing some amazing items released through different sources.

This year’s D23 Expo saw two specific items released, celebrating everyone’s #1 duck, including a limited edition set of figurines depicting some beloved characters from the 1952 cartoon short “Trick or Treat.”

When they released the promotional images for some of the merchandise, this quickly rose to the top of my list, and I kept hoping that they might show up on shopDisney, even though there was no guarantee. Still, I hoped, and was surprised when they showed up on shopDisney UK. It took a lot of will-power (and the fact that I’m moving in two weeks) to keep me from ordering them then, but then they showed up on the US site for $149.95, and I couldn’t resist.

Now they’re here, and I’m so excited to have them out as part of my Halloween décor (even if it’ll be short-lived this year because of the move; they’ll be around for many Halloweens to come).

So, let’s dive in and take a closer look at these figures….


The set comes in a box fashioned to reflect Donald’s 85th birthday. Disney has chosen a red-orange color, utilizing diagonal stripes and classic, comic book style callouts for the labels, like pointing out this is a limited edition of 1,100. Immediately, you can tell this is going to be a special set as they let us know that the figures also have lights and sounds.

Inside, there’s a certificate of authenticity, and a bunch of styrofoam, which holds each of the figures.

He’s the #1 duck for a reason, so let’s take a look at the Donald figure first.

The first thing I noticed was the size of the figures. They’re larger than I expected, which is great, given the price. I really love the expression they captured for Donald, and the paint job is pretty well done. There aren’t any huge areas that immediately stand out with paint bleed, even if you can tell these were still mass-produced.

Still, the mold is really well done. You can see that they even included the tuft of feathers on the back of Donald’s head. They also paid close attention to detail and gave him a black bow, as he has in the cartoon short.

Now, let’s take a look at Louie in his Ghost costume. I think he’s my favorite of the triplets. While, he’s primarily white, that didn’t stop them from adding in some colors, let letting his feet show from underneath his costume and add some gray eyebrows.

Maybe most noticeably, though, is the detail included in the jack-o-lantern he’s wearing on the top of his head. Rather than simply paint on the details, they added depth and texture to the mold.

Next up, we get Huey and Louie on a single platform. While I’m not entirely sure why the chose to do this, rather than make them individual figures, I think it works given their expressions, as they compliment each other well.

I think this figure gives the best look at the minute details they worked to include. Huey’s tail is quite slim, and you can see the tuft of fair coming out of this hood of his costume along with the nice paint line on his feet where the costume ends.

Further, Dewey’s pose shows him leaning forward and really adds to the personality of the character. None of them look like they’re just their, in fact. Each is positioned to help tell the story, like how you’ll notice that all three of the triplets are looking upward. This really captures an air of amazement on their faces as they observe what Witch Hazel is cooking up.

And, speaking of Witch Hazel…

Oh, Witch Hazel. Maybe it’s that she’s not the villain of the story, as you’d expect, or the way she can tease Donald to put him in his place… I’m not really sure, but I love her a lot. Seeing her stand over a cauldron with a joyful smile on her face is perfect.

Again, I’ll comment one last time on the textures and details they added. Notice how her fingers are separated and crafted as individual digits or how her robe drapes down, creating wrinkles, which are especially pronounced on the end of her purple dress towards a mysterious, white button.

Wait… didn’t they mention there were light and sound effects? If you press the white button, her cauldron and the flames will light up, as the figure releases a crackling sound.


At first, I assumed that only the fire around the cauldron would light up. The green on the top of the cauldron and the lettering on the front is actually quite opaque, so it didn’t seem like any light would make its way through. Somehow they used that Disney magic to make it work, and the figure is all the better for it. The light and sound effects may not be necessary, but they definitely add a playful element to the set.

Overall, I’m really happy with this purchase and will love to pull these out each October to decorate my house. At $150, the price is probably a little steep, but you’re paying that “Limited Edition” premium Disney usually adds on. Still, the quality is quite good, and they definitely worked to ensure they accurately captured the character designs from the cartoon.

So what do you think? Did you pick up this limited edition set? Where does “Trick or Treat” rank amongst the many Donald Duck shorts for you? Let us know in the comments or over on Twitter.

As I’m writing this, the set is still available on shopDisney, but we can’t really be certain for how long, because it is a Limited Edition.

If you’re curious to see my initial reactions to these amazing figures, you can check out my unboxing video over on my YouTube channel:

And, if you’re interested in more “Trick or Treat” merchandise, check out Pirate Steven’s review of the Funko Pop!s that were recently released as well.

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