Mondo Disney Afternoon Pins


Phrases like “Only 90s Kids Will Understand” can be bit reductive, but there was something truly ‘time and place’ about the magic of The Disney Afternoon. Four consecutive power-house animated series, programmed with High School like hierarchy (Senior Class graduates, making room for new Freshmen). It was super singular and spawned some legacy titles that are still just as popular today as it was 30 years ago. Don’t even get us started on the theme songs! 


This week Mondo is proud to celebrate three of our favorite titles from that animation block: DUCKTALES, DARKWING DUCK, and CHIP & DALE’S RESCUE RANGERS, with five all new pins by artist Chris Lee. We’re thrilled to bring Chris Lee into the roster as an incredibly skilled designer with a specific knack for creating bold, charming enamel pins. Relive your childhood with this unique collection, AVAILABLE NOW at

Mondo announced the pin release on twitter today via twitter. You can pick these pins up for around $10 a piece and can purchase them from the link below.

You can find the pins with the following link:

Disney Afternoon Pins

What are your favorite pin from this series? Let us know which you will be getting!

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