Collection Spotlight: Darkwing Duck Villains Action Figures

I was deeply inspired by Drake Mallard’s Darkwing Duck collection in the masterpiece DuckTales episode “The Duck Knight Returns!” I wanted to pick up some of the original Darkwing Duck toys and collectibles for my own collection. Being an adult means having money for the toys you always wanted.

I am an action figure guy, and some of the great merch during the original run of Darkwing Duck that I knew I wanted to collect was the Darkwing Duck action figures and accessories made by Playmates in 1991. There was only 1 series of figures that included four heroes and four villains. The heroes included: Darkwing Duck, Launchpad McQuack, Gosalyn Mallard, and Honker Muddlefoot. The villains included: Steelbeak, Megavolt, Tuskernini, and Bushroot. Three accessory packs toys were also released: Gas Gun, Ratcatcher, and Thunderquack.

A series 2 of Darkwing Duck action figures was planned to be released by Playmates, but it was cancelled before they were released. This is a real shame because there are several characters who would have been great in action figure form who did not receive much other classic Darkwing Duck merch (See Below Image).

I recently started my collection when I won an eBay auction that included all of the villains from the Darkwing Duck Playmates action figures series 1.

This was a great auction lot of the Darkwing Duck action figures because they were all in very fine collectible conditions, and they came from another collector’s collection so they were not heavily played with. All of the figure’s paint jobs were in really great conditions, and all four characters included their accessories.


The button on Steelbeak’s back opens and closes his mouth and moves his tail feathers up and down. Steelbeak comes with the following accessories of which he is not able to hold either of them.


This is such an interesting action figure. The wheel switches on the back of Megavolt is from cigarette lighter technology and will create a spark from Megavolt’s plug on the front of the figure. I don’t know how this passed toy safe inspections, but I love it and it still works on my figure. Megavolt comes with the following accessories of which he is not able to hold either of them.


The button on Tuskernini’s back moves his torso up and down. You have to manually reset his torso after pushing the button. Tuskernini comes with the following accessories of which he is able to hold both of them as shown in the pictures above.


The lever on Bushroot’s back makes his purple hair grow when you push it down. Bushroot comes with the following accessories of which he is able to have the vines wrapped around him, but he is not able to hold the watering can.

I am very happy with this first purchase to get my classic Darkwing Duck action figure collection started.

The Funko Darkwing Duck action figures (Darkwing Duck, Negatron, and Launchpad McQuack) are only slightly smaller in scale to these original Playmates figures.

I will do another blog once I am able to add the four Darkwing Duck hero action figures by Playmates to my collection. After I have finished collecting all of the Darkwing Duck figures, I plan on starting a collection of the TaleSpin figures by Playmates which were also released in 1991.

Our friend Jason Asgari did a blog on his Darkwing Duck Action figure collection.

Do you have any of the Darkwing Duck action figures by Playmates in your collection? Also, who is your favorite Darkwing Duck villain? Let me know in the comments below or tweet us @DuckTalks.

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