New Chip ’n’ Dale Series Coming To Disney+!

It’s not the Rescue Rangers, but the lovable duo are receiving their own series on Disney+.

Disney announced the series among others at the Annecy Intl Animation Festival in France today. The show is being produced in London along with Xilam, a Paris based animation company.

The series will include 39 seven-minute episodes revolving around the chipmunks living in a large city. The descriptions given indicate the show will be very slapstick heavy. Based on this and the first image from the show we are reminded of the new Mickey Mouse shorts.

Check out this article from Variety for more information:

What do you think of the character’s getting a new show on the streaming service? How about the designs? What do you hope to see on the Disney’s streaming service? Join the conversation below in the comments, on Twitter, or Tumblr.

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