Goof Troop DVD Collection

Similar to the classic DuckTales DVD Collection that was released in January, Disney has recently released a dvd collection that repackages the 2 previously released volumes of Goof Troop DVDs.

This repackaged collection includes Goof Troop Vol. 1 and 2 at a great price (currently $12.99) on Amazon. These dvd volumes usually range from $7.99 to $9.99 each.

This is not the complete series of Goof Troop on DVD. This DVD collection has 54 episodes of the show. Goof Troop had a total of 78 episodes plus a Christmas special. It would have been great to finally have the entire show released on DVD, but this is a great price for these shows if you want to have the physical media for these episodes. The entire run of Goof Troop will be available to stream on Disney+ at launch (11/12/19). It would have been great if they included the Goofy Movie with this set, but that would have driven the price up an additional $5 for this set. A Goofy Movie as well as its sequel An Extremely Goofy Movie will also be available on Disney+ at launch.

Here is a link to purchase the Goof Troop DVD collection from Amazon at the current best price available ($12.99):

Goof Troop DVD Collection

*By purchasing from through this link above, you are supporting DuckTalks at no additional cost to yourself!

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