Donald Duck DuckTales Episode Guide!

Happy 85th Anniversary Uncle Donald!

In celebration of Donald’s 85 years of entertaining fans we thought we would put together an Episode Guide for all of his DuckTales 2017 appearances.

Based on the majority of the criticism that we see online, this should be a short list because Donald is hardly ever on the show!

1. Woo-oo!

I’m the series pilot episode we learn that Donald lives on a houseboat with Huey, Dewey, and Louie. After the introduction of Scrooge McDuck the remainder of the pilot’s first half has Donald applying for a new job.

In the second half Donald’s new job turns out to be a scheme by Flintheart Glomgold, and he learns that he can’t always protect the boys.

2. Daytrip of Doom!

In the series second episode we see what happens when someone crosses Donald Duck! He really can take care of himself.

3. The House Of The Lucky Gander!

In this globe trotting adventure, Donald and the nephews join Scrooge on an adventure that is sidetracked by Gladstone Gander. We see more of Donald’s uncanny bad luck.

4. The Spear of Selene!

In this episode we learn a little more about Donald and Scrooge’s adventuring past when they become stranded in Ithaquack. Oh and we meet Donald’s best friend…

5. Jaw$!

Donald’s appearance in Jaw$! is super short.

6. The Confidential Case Files Of Agent 22!

I may be cheating on this one, but we learn that Donald has trouble with the kitchen pantry….

7. The Shadow War!

If you are a fan of Donald Duck, this is THE episode of DuckTales for you to watch. As Magica De Spell stands victorious over Scrooge McDuck, the family scrambles to mount an attack against her. Who is best equipped to lead the charge? No one, but Donald Duck!

8. The Most Dangerous Game… Night!

After weeks of repeated adventuring, the kids request a break. They didn’t know what they were getting into when they ask for a game night. Donald and Scrooge display why they were an excellent adventuring team.

9. The Depths Of Cousin Fethry!

Donald’s appearance in this episode is a short one, but he is in it! He even has a line, “He’s koo koo bananas.”

10. The Town Where Everyone Was Nice!

One of my favorite episodes of season one has Donald lead his family to a Brazilian Town to meet his old college buddies José Carioca and Panchito Pistoles! The young birds learn that Donald and his buddies used to be the band The Three Caballeros. When things go horrifically wrong, only Donald and his compadres can save the day.

11. Storkules In Duckburg!

With the boys having moved out of the houseboat to live in fancier digs within McDuck Manor, Donald decides to rent out some of the houseboat’s space. What he doesn’t expect is Storkules showing up to lease the space!

12. Last Christmas!

Donald prepares the mansion for Christmas, but Dewey is feeling blue. When Dewey learns a deep secret about Scrooge he also learns why Uncle Donald loves the holiday so much.

13. The 87 Cent Solution!

Donald isn’t in most of the 87 Cent Solution, but when Scrooge dies he is at the funeral… Dark, right?

14. The Golden Spear!

At this point we are nearing the end of the list, and honestly where this is going… is traumatic. After we finally learn what happened to Della Duck and after she lands back on earth, Donald finds himself in a heap of trouble…

15. Nothing Can Stop Della Duck!

***Spoilers*** Donald’s captured on the moon!

That’s it. The fifteen episodes of DuckTales that includes Donald Duck. We hope you enjoyed this list, and we look forward to the Party Fowl’s next appearance on the show.

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