MegaCon Orlando 2019: Day Three Recap – Ninja Turtles Edition!

Alright, Pirate’s shift has ended, and now the baton has been passed to me as he rests his calf muscles. Day 3 of Megacon – wait day 3 is Saturday?! Alright I gotta talk about this convention schedule and how I got stuck covering the busiest day?!

The day starts with a huge line starting outside as everyone is excited to go in and well, if you are planning to just relax and browse through the dealer’s area on a Saturday at a con, well be prepared for crowds. At no point during the day the crowds slowed down, so like on Friday evening I had a leisurely time to look through the Disney pins the one seller had, I had to battle my way through, so we could try to get the most of my time.

 Artist Alley

First, we went to visit Joe Caramagna and purchased his very last DuckTales graphic novel he had available. We chatted with him through Twitter for a while, so it was great to put a face to the name and it was great cause he even recognized my Twitter name as well.

After a quick chat with James Silvani and Amy Mebberton, we met with Patrick Thomas Parnell who did an amazing sketch for us in our sketch book. Parnell did the covers for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles New Animated Adventures, so we knew we had to add his art to our book.

Currently he is working on his own comic called Johnny Phantasm with Evan Pozios. The comic as they described is like Beetlejuice meets Scarface. The art in their comic is really good and the dialogue is very punchy and a blast to read. Be sure to check it out.

Image result for johnny phantasm parnell


So, we had time to look at more of the booths that were open and have more floor space due to the limited space from the aisles. We hit up the DC booth as they had a healthy number of free comics from Free Comic Book Day and movie theater promotions (like the recent movie Shazam!) to give away. They also had figures on display (Unfortunately not the upcoming SDCC Michelangelo dressed as Batman from the recently released DTV movie). Also, they had a photo booth where you stand in front of a green screen, so you could be with some of the DC superheroes.

As an action figure collector, I had to hit up Bandai Namco’s booth as they had a slew of Figuart figures on display on multiple properties. Behold my surprise that they included Power Rangers in their set up as that franchise was sold to Hasbro last year. On display was everything they released recently and still had for sale, as they won’t be making new Ranger figures anymore. The Figuart figures I was disappointed that wasn’t on display was Ninja Turtles.

We also looked at the American Dance Party booth. As they had upcycled flannel shirts that featured vintage bed sheet designs on the back. The had things like Mickey Mouse designs and even classic DuckTales. Well, when the guys who ran the company saw me, they pulled out their TMNT shirts for me to look at! As a person who wore flannel everyday until about 2005 – 2006ish, I would’ve loved to have these shirts in the late 90’s or early OT’s. Be sure to check out their designs at their website


Despite the long lines on the biggest draw at a convention, the celebrities, we had time to visit a few we wanted to see that we never met at other conventions before.

We saw the New Zealand actress Rose McIver (sorry no picture due to our son falling asleep) who is most well known as the star of iZombie on The CW. Now, I haven’t seen a single frame of that show, but she was a main character in my favorite Disney-era Power Rangers series, Summer Landsdown the Yellow Ranger from Power Rangers RPM. She was such a delight to meet, as she was generally to see us as my wife and I are both from Iran. And she had to know why I have an American accent. She signed my Power Rangers RPM DVD set from Shout Factory.

And then we met the main draw that made my wife request press for Moving Lakposht Studio, which was Greg Cipes. He is most well known for the voice of Beast Boy in Teen Titans and Teen Titans GO! But for our channel, we known him as Michelangelo from the 2012 series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Greg signed multiple items for us and even shot an Instagram video of our son as he exclaimed that he is the “Cutest Mikey Fan” in the world! We couldn’t ask for a better experience … All I can say is that if you are a fan of Greg Cipes, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel as there MAYBE a future video coming this week that he may or may not be in …

Overall, we had a great jampacked Day 3 at Megacon. Our day 4 was great as well and Pirate and I finally set aside our differences and decided to actually spend a day together! If you want to see highlights from the convention, be sure to follow Megacon’s twitter and Moving Lakpohst’s twitter as well!



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