Ducktales Cosplaying and Disneybounding

Hello, Ducktales fans! Ducktalks asked me to write an article about how to start your own Ducktales costume/cosplay for conventions as well as a great Disneybounding outfit to wear to the Disney parks! I will explain how you can put it together affordably and easy. Even if you are just starting out.

Summer convention season is finally here! Do you love Ducktales so much you want to make your own cosplay/costume and show it off? It is very simple since the most of the characters wear casual clothes. You dont even have to go full-out with the beak and tail feathers (but that is totally up to you *wink*).

For Huey, Louie, and Dewey, you can easily find clothes like them in your own closet. For me, I used plain tshirts, a hoodie, a baseball cap and white denim pants. Some cosplayers wear white shorts and yellow/orange tights for the bottoms. If you dont have clothes like that, you can go to Walmart, Target, or even better: a thrift store! Goodwill has a massive variety of clothes and shoes in different sizes to chose from. Joann fabrics, Michaels, or any craft store have solid-colored tshirts, hoodies, long sleeved shirts and even baseball caps (Make sure you bring photo references of the character to know what you are looking for!). For the triplets, you can get their clothes for around $30-$40 at any of these locations. Cant find the right colored clothing for any of them? You can buy liquid or powdered dye from an arts & crafts store (Joann Fabrics recommended) and a white colored shirt. I couldn’t find a plain red hat for Huey. So I bought a white hat and red dye. The instructions are obviously on the dye package/bottle as well as online so you can learn how to do the dying process properly (Make sure you have adult supervision to do this. Teehee~!).

As for a wig, ebay is a great place to get one affordably (Just make sure you look at the seller’s ratings. If they have a lot of negative feedback, DO NOT buy from them). Look up “short white wigs” or “short white cosplay wigs”. You will see most synthetic wigs priced between $8-$30. There is also Amazon, Party City (if you dont mind the cheap quality), a regular costume store that might be in your area, or popular cosplay wig websites like Arda Wigs, Rockstar Wigs, and Epic Cosplay.

For shoes, you can decide what style of a shoe you want for your Ducktales character. For the triplets, you can go for a hip style like yellow converse shoes or flats. For Scrooge or adult characters, you can go for small boots, oxfords, or a smooth leather shoes. To paint your shoes to the color you want, Design Master Spray or Angelus Leather paint is perfect for leather shoes. Liquitex Basics paint is good as well (thats what I use for my converse shoes). Make sure to apply 2-3 layers of paint to make it look solid and smooth.

Want to cosplay Scrooge, Della, Launchpad and the others? You totally can! Again, their clothes are simple and easy to find at a thrift store or a clothing store. You can even find a jacket that looks similar to theirs and tweak it up for accuracy, like the collar needs to be black (for Scrooge) or made of wool (for Launchpad). Joann Fabrics is the best place to get fabric and any sewing supplies. I highly recommend downloading the Joanns app and signing up so you can get major dollar-saving COUPONS! Scrooge would do it! You can sew your costume or have it commissioned by someone. There are plenty of cosplay/sewing tutorials on YouTube to help you get started. For accessories for the characters like their hats, phones, etc., Ebay (again), Amazon, and costume stores are good places to shop for them.

Remember, cosplay is for FUN! No need to stress out if it doesn’t look perfect. Whether it is bought, sewn by yourself or someone else, or even dumpster diving (JK~), its still a costume. Wear it proud and have fun in it! The cosplay community today is so accepting and people will love you for dressing up from this incredible show!

Going to the Disney Parks this summer and want to go in Ducktales style? Try Disneybounding! If you are not familiar with that term, disneybounding is dressing in casual clothes that are themed with that Disney character. This style is allowed and more preferred in the theme parks because you don’t want to be mistaken as a cast member or character performer. Going in full costume is prohibited and will result to being removed from the park (except on Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party). But as long as you go with no wig on as a Ducktales character, you should be fine. My friends and I disneybounded as Huey, Louie and Dewey in their regular clothes and it was so much fun. Even the characters like Donald Duck, Launchpad McQuack and Scrooge McDuck reacted to us and played along with our themed characters (they LOVED us!).

You can look on Pinterest and there are lots of cool ideas for a Ducktales Disneybound outfit. TheDisneybound even has an Instagram. You can apply this to any Disney character too! Just google “disneybound ideas” and you will see images like this:

Again, you might find items in your own closet that you can piece together Make it your own style! Tweak it up! Add some sparkle and flare!

If you have any questions or need more tips, feel free to message me on my cosplay Instagram (@sailorgeekcosplay) or Twitter (@plusesten_vous). Im more than happy to help out. Have fun and good luck!

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