MegaCon Orlando 2019: Day One Recap

One of the biggest pop culture conventions in the Southeast, MegaCon Orlando, started its big four day weekend this afternoon. MegaCon runs from May 16-19.

DuckTalks was able to secure press passes for this event which will allow us to cover multiple days of this event. Thanks MegaCon!

Thank you for reading this blog and coming down this journey with me.

Day One for me was getting to know the show room floor. I was on the hunt for anything that I could find that was Disney Afternoon related.

Silly Rabbit Crafts

The first thing that I spotted was at a booth for Silly Rabbit Crafts. There was a perler bead recreation of a scene from the Transylvania level of the DuckTales NES game on a rotating turntable display that had Scrooge McDuck on one side and Magica De Spell on the other side. I could hear the song playing in my head from that level as a spun the turntable.

This booth was perler bead heaven with perler bead creations of any character that you could think of for sale.

50 Cent Comic Booth

I decided to try my luck at the 50 cent comic booth that was fully loaded with comic boxes full of comics from all ages.

I am definitely going to head back there tomorrow to see what else I can find, but here was my haul from Day 1.

DuckTales #1

Here is a pro tip. Find comics from some of the comic creators that are appearing at the convention to have them sign the comic and make it extra special.

Joe Caramagna (DuckTales Comic Writer) is a guest of MegaCon this year. I was able to find two of the comics that he wrote, and he signed them for me when I visited his booth.

The double score was finding a B Variant Cover of Darkwing Duck Issue #13 that Amy Mebberson did the cover and James Silvani illustrates the comic. Amy and James signed my comic as well.

Comic Creators

Joe Caramagna

I got a chance to finally meet Joe Caramagna to geek out about DuckTales and comics. Joe is a very nice guy and extremely knowledgeable in the subjects of DuckTales, Comics, Donuts/Deserts, Hockey, and 90s Pro Wrestling. He has many comics on his table that he is written the stories for such as DuckTales, Frozen, and Wreck-It-Ralph . I would visit him early as his DuckTales comics usually go fast at shows. In addition to the comics that I had Joe sign three of the DuckTales comic trade paperbacks that feature issues that he worked on.

All of the proceeds from purchases at his table go to Ronald McDonald House Charities of which he is a strong advocate. If you would like to make an online donation to Ronald McDonald House, you can do so here.

James Silvani

James Silvani is a magnificent artist who has worked on many comic book franchises including my favorite, Darkwing Duck. I have met James at two D23 Expo conventions, and the purchases that I have made at his booth are some of my favorite art in my entire collection. James had his brand new sketch book, Combo Platter, for sale. Combo Platter features a lot of James’ art that he has made for people at different conventions through the years. It is definitely one of the must buys at the convention and for only $15.

Also available at the James Silvani booth are Darkwing Duck Trade Paperbacks, James’ book Draw-A-Saurus, character head shots ($20), and original full body art ($80). I brought my two Darkwing Duck trade paperbacks and the Darkwing Duck bible Darkwing Duck: The Definitively Dangerous Edition from home, and James was nice enough to sign and sketch in my books.

I also preordered some original Darkwing Mashup with Iron Man from Avengers Endgame and Miles Morales from Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse commission artwork from James that you can preview below.

I went home and framed these dangerous beauties immediately.

All this awesomeness and this was only Day One of MegaCon.

Make sure to follow MegaCon Orlando on Twitter and our account for more fun from the event.




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