Character Spotlight – Gandra Dee



Name: Gandra Dee

Occupation: Receptionist / Scientist

Appearance: She is a tall and beautiful white-feathered bird with thick shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes and wears a blue business suit with blue stockings and white high-heels. / She has brown feathers and black hair. She has a punk rock look with headphones and baggy clothes.

Voice: Miriam Flynn (Original Series), Jameela Jamil (2017 Series)

Who is Gandra Dee?


Gandra Dee first shows up as a secretary in the factory that sells beans in the episode “Super DuckTales”. Fenton Crackshell (Gizmoduck) admires her from a far, and seeks employment with Scrooge McDuck in hopes of attracting her interest. She had a girly personality and later reveals that she has always been interested in dating Fenton. Grandra was just waiting for Fenton to ask her out. It was later reviled that Gandra studied advanced robotics in school, enabling her to control a gigantic mantis mecha. Claiming the nail-polish class was full. She was a character in a total of 7 episodes in the original series.


– The Duck Who Knew Too Much (1990) … Gandra Dee (voice)
– A DuckTales Valentine (Amour or Less) (1990) … (voice)
– The Big Flub (1989) … Gandra Dee (voice)
– Metal Attraction (1989) … Gandra Dee (voice)
– Super DuckTales: Part 5 – Money to Burn (1989) … Gandra Dee (voice)
– Super DuckTales: Part 1 – Liquid Assets (1989) … Gandra Dee (voice)
– Super DuckTales: Part 3 – Full Metal Duck (1989) … Gandra Dee (voice)

In Ducktales 2017, Gandra is portrayed as a punk-rock scientist who doesn’t kiss up to millionaires and does her own thing. We can’t wait to learn more about her character!



The Dangerous Chemistry of Gandra Dee!

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