Possible Episode 216 Description Found Online!

Potential Spoilers!

We just recently learned that DuckTales episode 216’s title may have found its way online, and now it looks like fans have found the episode description as well.

The episode title was a mystery due to the official announcement including all question marks, but a television guide website has the title listed as “The Duck Knight Returns.”

We’ve heard from a few followers that they were seeing the title on their provider’s listings, and we requested if anyone could provide a description. On some sources a generic description for the show was used, but one follower got lucky.

The description goes along with what we know about how DuckTales has been treating the characters of Launchpad and Darkwing Duck. We knew this episode would be Launchpad centric, and we were expecting that to mean more DW.

Although everything is looking legit, until we see an official announcement we are still treating this news as a rumor. Until then it sure is fun speculating about this episode.

Please respect others online and try to hide your spoilers. Our Discord is a great place to go to discuss the current show.

REZDtv’s Discord – Look for DuckTalks


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