Could TVPASSPORT Have The Mystery Title For May 17th?!

We’ve all been trying to determine what the mystery title for Friday May 17th will be. When we received the official announcement with episode titles the final episode title was left with a bunch of question marks.

We’ve seen many of your guesses and we’ve had several of our own. But it looks like a TV guide like website may have let the title slip. If you want the episode to be a surprise do not read any further, possible spoilers ahead!

Seriously, don’t go any further.

Say what!?

Now I’ve never used TVPASSPORT so I cannot speak to their track record of being correct. What I can say is that I checked their listing for my local listings and they match.

What could this mean? We know that the next episode based on production order should be 216. We also know that Frank Angones, The Co-Producer of DuckTales, has said episode 216 would be a Launchpad centric episode. We have long speculated that would mean another Darkwing Duck appearance on the show.

Previously, in the season one episode “Beware the BUDDY System!” This Episode was where we learned that Launchpad was a huge fan of an old television show called Darkwing Duck. We also learned the character was played by actor Jim Starling. That episode also featured a Darkwing Duck bobble-head owned by LP. The fictional Darkwing Duck show was featured again in the episode “The Last Crash of the Sunchaser!”

The season one finale included the return of Launchpad’s Darkwing Duck bobble-head as he prepared to take on Magica’s shadows. LP even sang his own theme song to the real show’s tune. In season two we haven’t had any Darkwing Duck appearances in the episodes that have aired in the US.

Many DW fans were a bit surprised by Darkwing’s portrayal in DuckTales. After the “BUDDY System” first aired many fans went to the internet upset over what they felt was a missed opportunity. Frank Angones was asked why this decision was made, and he alluded to the fact that what we know is not all of the story.

Darkwing Duck creator, Tad Stones, has not only endorsed the new show but he has also made sure DW fans know that Frank and the crew have a great plan.

We can’t wait to see what Friday’s episode has in store for us, but honestly we have a lot of great stories and developments ahead for us.

Shout out to @Rabtsevich_Alex for first putting this on our radar.

***Update*** Some of our followers are starting to see the title show up on their programming schedules. It is Looking more and more legit.

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