”Raiders Of The Doomsday Vault!” Description Online!

We have been keeping our eyes peeled for information on the new episodes of DuckTales coming to the Disney Channel this month.

Our Discord Channel has been busy with speculation and discussion the past few days, and today someone shared a post from the Tumblr account, Glomgay.

The TVGuide website had an episode description for “Raiders Of The Doomsday Vault!” that doesn’t match the one we had seen previously. This episode is scheduled to air on May 14.

Spoiler warning! Don’t read any further unless you are ready for a big spoiler!

On an arctic adventure, Dewey tries to prove himself to his mom. Meanwhile, Scrooge teams up with Glomgold to find them.

That’s right! Della and Dewey are adventuring together! Della has two episodes on Friday 5/10 and Monday 5/13. In these two episodes she may make it off the moon and go adventuring with her family very soon after. You can check out the listing by following the link below.

The previous description we had seen omitted the parts about Della, and we were stuck on the fact Glomgold had kidnapped Scrooge. The new descriptions says Scrooge teams up with Glomgold… May is going to be crazy everyone!

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  1. What’s with the seasons having less than the originally-announced 20-odd episodes? The TVguide link has Doomsday Vault as the season 3 premiere already.

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    • In this respect, TVGuide is wrong. It happens a lot actually. I’ve seen Comcast and Sling both mislabel episodes. I has something to do with the hiatuses. The second half of season one was mislabeled as season two for a long time on Sling.

      This is all season two.


  2. This is kinda part of the problem I have with the new Ducktales. Della, Dewey, Scrooge and even GLOMGOLD are mentioned but nothing about the other two nephews or DONALD????

    I mean, why this over emphasis on Dewey and Della’s relationship as if the other nephews don’t care and we’ve yet to see Donald or Della mourn/miss each other.

    It’s extremely frustrating, almost infuriating that Donald is seemingly YET AGAIN relegated to a background character despite having direct connections to this huge arc that is now spanning THREE seasons!

    WHY?! It’s highly unfair to the original Disney Duck. Gove him more adventures, screentime, and BONDING time with his own family!


  3. That unannounced episode right after Gandra Dee, I’ve been trying to crack that so hard all day! It’s like Dipper trying to get the laptop open! AAAAAAUUUUUGGGHHH!!!!!

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