What the New Airing Order Could Mean for Lena

Back in December, Frank Angones revealed on Tumblr that S02E08 would be a Webby episode. Earlier this month, the title of the episode, “Friendship Hates Magic!” began circulating on the web. Fans immediately knew this episode would address how magic-hating Lena has been living in Webby’s shadow since the events of “The Shadow War!”

Only a few days after the episode title was revealed, however, new episode titles along with air dates appeared online.

“Treasure of the Found Lamp!” will be the next episode to air on May 7th, followed by “The 87 Cent Solution!” on May 9th and then “Friendship Hates Magic!” on May 15th. The only other episode title we currently have is “The Dangerous Chemistry of Gandra Dee!” which will air on the 16th.

One Tumblr blogger asked Frank if the Disney Channel was mixing up the airing order again, making the Webby episode S02E10 instead of S02E08, and this was his response:

“There was a slight reordering for the May episodes that we actually requested (that big Webby episode is now just a little later, but still in May). But we did it to adjust for the programming strategy and actually think it helps the pacing a bit. So barring any unseen changes, the May episodes are in the order we approved.”

If Lena’s current situation is to be revealed in “Friendship Hates Magic!” but the DT17 crew requested the two episodes following it air before it instead, that means that in “Treasure of the Found Lamp!” and “The 87 Cent Solution!” Lena is not seen or mentioned. Otherwise, this new airing order would spoil “Friendship Hates Magic!”

While it’s not uncommon for the show to jump back and forth between various plots and subplots to keep things balanced in terms of character arcs, it does seem odd that Webby would find out the best friend she thought had died was living in her shadow and then not mention her in the two episodes originally meant to air afterwards. Wouldn’t she mention wanting to find a way to get Lena out of her shadow at least once?

That is… unless they succeed in freeing Lena by the end of “Friendship Hates Magic!”

If Lena is successfully freed, it could work that she isn’t mentioned in the two episodes that were originally supposed to follow. She could just be resting and settling into her new home while the other kids go on more adventures. Webby wouldn’t have to worry about Lena as much if she knew she were safe at McDuck Manor.

On the other hand… why wouldn’t Lena go on adventures with the others right away?

It really does seem strange that the other characters wouldn’t mention Lena in the two or even more episodes originally following “Friendship Hates Magic!” Maybe the DT17 crew thought the same thing. Frank said pushing the episode back helped with pacing. Maybe they wanted less time between “Friendship Hates Magic!” and the next episode that addresses Lena’s situation.

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