DuckTales Reference in Rise of the TMNT

Leonardo from Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Voiced by Ben Schwartz.

Hey guys, do you remember a while when Pirate Steven posted this on his blog post:

What if I told you that the TMNT episode that caused the delay in his post was gonna be a subject of a DuckTalks blog?! In a recent Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode, “Mind Meld,” Leonardo mentions about picking code names and decided he wanted his to be Bluey. Well Leonardo is voiced by Ben Schwartz who also voices Dewey in the current DuckTales cartoon (I’m sure you already knew that!). Now if we remember from the premiere episode of DuckTales, Scrooge doesn’t know Dewey’s name and calls him Bluey. And if you need a refresher, watch the video below:

Now this all could’ve been coincidence as Schwartz voices both characters and their color are blue (Someone needs to cast him in the series ALVINNN! And the Chipmunks as Simon!) but Mr. Schwartz himself confirmed that the line was a reference to his other blue wearing character from another 80s cartoon reboot.

Here I am as Leo in TMNT semi-referencing one of my other blue characters, Dewey from Ducktales. I love that the writers of these shows are cool with me doing stupid stuff like this. And I love that this won’t be the last time this nonsense happens. #TMNT— Ben Schwartz (@rejectedjokes) March 13, 2019

Maybe in a future episode of DuckTales we can get Dewey wearing a bandana over his eyes and wield a sword that opens portals. What do you think? Did you like this character reference in Rise of the TMNT?

HAHA, I have now wrote a blog about Ninja Turtles in the DuckTalks blog! Soon my plan will be in motion and this blog will become TurtleTalks! I mean … be sure to watch our videos from my YouTube channel and if you want more Ninja Turtles news, follow @MovingLakposht on Twitter. If you wanna follow me personally @TheMuz


    • It’s a really fun episode. What happens is that all the Turtles start acting like Donatello and even wear purple!


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