JCPenny’s DuckTales Plush!

About a week ago these new DuckTales Plush from JCPenny popped up on our radar after one of our favorite DuckFans (@Kahuna_Potato) pasted that she had found DuckTales’ Mini Plush on JCPenny’s website.

The description of these plush said they were about 7.5″ tall, but otherwise they look a lot like the Disney Plush from the Disney Store. JCPenny stores typically have a Disney section where you can find toys, plush, costumes, and clothing. They were one of the few retailers to carry DuckTales merch.

These mini plush include Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby. They retail for $10.00 each on the website (Link below).

Today Kahuna shared an Instagram post With us from a DuckFan who has collected the new set and posted pictures comparing the two.

The JCP Disney Plush are typically made with lesser quality materials, and you can feel the difference. That’s not to say they are poorly made, but they are usually not as soft as Disney Store plush. If you missed out on the DS set or if you want to expand your collection to include the minis JCPenny’s is your next stop for DuckMerch.

Oh! And they are currently on sale! $7.50 each.


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