Disney Emoji Blitz Kingdom Hearts Event Guide

Stay tuned to this blog page all week for updates on the Kingdom Hearts Event in Disney Emoji Blitz.

The Kingdom Hearts Event will run in Disney Emoji Blitz from January 17th-January 20th.

The app software update in the App Store that includes the Kingdom Hearts Event is now available to download.

The app update changes the icon to an image that features Sora, Aqua, and Shadow Heartless Emojis.

Diamond Boxes

Diamond boxes will include the following emojis: Sora and Aqua. Using any of these “lucky” emojis during the event will help you complete the event faster to earn another diamond box. Diamond boxes cost 200 gems. You can earn gems in the game or drop real currency to buy gems.

The percentage odds to get certain Kingdom Hearts emojis in the Diamond boxes are the following:

I had 400 Gems saved for this event so I was able to purchase two diamond boxes. I unlocked Sora with my first diamond box, and I got a duplicate Sora in my second diamond box. Duplicate emojis help to level up your emoji’s power move in the game. So my Sora Emoji is now at a Level 2.

I received another Sora in the diamond box that I collected for finishing the event. If you unlock an exclusive diamond box emoji, you have the opportunity to get that emoji in Gold boxes that can be purchased for 30,000 coins. Coins can be earned in the game or purchased with real currency. I luckily got Sora in a gold box which boosted my Sora emoji to a level 3 with more emoji clearing powers with Sora’s special move.

I finally unlocked Aqua in a diamond box when I completed the Rainbow Falls mission at the end of the Kingdom Hearts Event.

Clear the Darkness Event

Your goal for this event is to clear all of the darkness from the board. For each darkness board clear, you will earn a keyblade.

Playing with either Sora or Aqua will Double (x2) your total number of keys after each round, and you will complete the event a lot faster.

Unlock all 24 treasure chests to earn a diamond box.

If you complete the event early, you will have a chance to play a bonus round called Rainbow Falls where you will have an additional chance to earn a diamond box which will have either Sora or Aqua in it.


Sora’s Emoji Power summons Kingdom Hearts Donald and Goofy Emojis. You will then select one of the three emojis on the board to activate their powers.

Below are all of the Sora character emojis that you can unlock in game to be used in messages on your phone.


Tap Aqua’s keyblade to cast bubble blaster and clear emojis.

Below are all of the Aqua character emojis that you can unlock in game to be used in messages on your phone.

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