Charity Auction with Artwork by Tad Stones

The holidays are quickly approaching and families need assistance.

Legendary Darkwing Duck and Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers creator, Tad Stones, has created some original artwork that he is auctioning off for charity. Tad Stones would be on our Mount Rushmore of Disney Afternoon Legends right next to Jim Cummings. This is an excellent opportunity to give money to help kids have a Holiday meal, and also pick up some excellent artwork from Tad Stones.

About the Charity

Combat Radio Christmas Eight

Every year, Combat Radio buses in ‘Polar Express style’ about 400 children (and their families) from Social Services for what is essentially Christmas. The event is an all you can eat, first class, brunch at Salt Creek Grille in Valencia with presents, about 80 characters (from Disney to Star Wars to The Avengers) Entertainment, LIVE Broadcast and…..a visit from Santa Claus! This year we plan to bring Christmas to 600 children (including a second event, the following Saturday AT the Social Service center) and we need your help to do it. The following donations (which are tax-deductible) go to charter busses (we need 12 busses) presents (on average 15.00 ea.) insurance, food and tech costs. To encourage some help we’ve offered the following (take a look at the last prizes below) hopefully, YOU will get involved and help us bring Christmas to families that could really use a little kindness…..

100% of the money from your bid, if you are the winning bidder, will go to Combat Radio Christmas Eight Go Fund Me account. Tad will notify you if you win, and you will donate to the Go Fund Me Fundraiser yourself from the link below after you have been notified.

If you are not bidding on a piece of artwork and want to donate to this great cause, you can do so at the following link:

Combat Radio Christmas Eight

Available Tad Stones Artwork

Tad is currently in his second week of art to be auctioned off for this charity. Please see the artwork and info below.


9×12″ original art by creator of Darkwing Duck

Minimum bid: $160

Auction ends 10pm November 9th.

Team Darkwing

9×12″ original art by creator of Darkwing Duck

Minimum bid: $200.

Auction ends 10pm November 9th.


9×12″ original art by creator of Darkwing Duck

Minimum bid: $250.

Auction ends 10pm November 9th.

How to Bid

Email your bid to:

Previous Auctions

Here are some pictures of Tad’s artwork that were up for charity auction last week:

I was the lucky bidder on the Double Darkwing art above. It felt great to donate to such a great cause to help make some children’s Christmas, but also I have some great new Tad Stones Darkwing Art to frame, wrap, and place under the tree for myself.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to help Darkwing save Christmas.

Here is that link again in case you are not bidding and want to donate to a great cause:

Combat Radio Christmas Eight

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