Kingdom Hearts Mobile Game: How to unlock the Keyblade DLC for KH III in KH: Union χ [Cross]


Alright, time to get pumped for Kingdom Hearts III as it’s coming in a few months from now. For a free promotion (and to get more people to download their game) Square Enix has a limited time challenge to get a Keyblade DLC for either Xbox One or PS4 for their mobile game Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] (previously known as Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ). Don’t know how to get the keyblade? Then read this guide to for help and tips!

First, you’ll need to update the game to the latest version on either iOS or Andriod. Once you have the latest version (and download all the updates while you defeat the heartless), in the main menu there will be a new menu option for χ 3 [ex tres]. Once you choose that option, you’ll be in the new mini games that was recently added for the latest version.


If you go to Limited-Time Challenge, you’ll see the goal for each mini game in the Classic Kingdom section. Now these scores you need to get are cumulative from the total time you played, not an actual high score you need to get. (In Fishin’ Frenzy, you don’t need to get a high score of 7500 in one game. Playing 8 times and getting a score of 1000 will clear the goal)


To get to the games, in the previous screen, go to Classic Kingdom. Classic Kingdom contains 5 minigames that recreates that classic LCD games that my parents bought me when I was kid cause they were too cheap to buy a Gameboy. (I still have my Darkwing Duck LCD game.) These games themselves are really fun and gives a great nostalgia feeling. (I may have continued to play these well after I cleared each goal!)

Here are the breakdown of the 5 games and tips to get a higher score:

Fishin’ Frenzy

Help Sora and Mickey catch fish and avoid the man eating fish from catching them.

Guide: Press down to lower the line and have the fish swim toward it. Press up to pull them up to get points. The lower the fish, the higher the score. However, you’ll need to mash up really fast before the big fish in the back gets you. Make sure you are clear before you pull up.

Goal 7500 points


Tip: If you hook a fish, you can still move left or right to avoid the big fish in the back! Make sure the line doesn’t hit the “No Fishing” sign though!



Get Sora to escape the giant’s room to reach Mickey Mouse.

Guide: You start underneath the table, avoid the giant’s feet and get to the spoon. Once he hits the spoon, you’ll be on top and must avoid his fists as you go right to open the curtain. Once the curtain is open, go back to the left and hit the action button on the pepper to make the giant sneeze. Time it right so he sneezes and you land on the chandelier. Once the 2 chandeliers meet, press action again to get to the second one to get to Mickey.

Goal 50 room escapes.


Tip: On top of the table, the giant can’t hit Sora if he is hiding behind the teapot, the teacup, or the fruit bowl!

The Musical Farmer

Sora needs to help get eggs for Mickey and Minnie without letting any of them break as they go down the pipe.

Guide: Watch the eggs as they fall, on the left you can select the pipe to be open from left and right or top and left (no top and right). On the right, you can have the pipe be open from the left or right. The center they only fall down. Don’t let the eggs hit the closed end of the pipe and don’t let the crates be above 6 eggs. On the bottom, you can switch the middle crate with either the left or right crates. On the left give the eggs to Minnie. On the right give the eggs to Mickey. Crates clear if one egg breaks. Game A has 3 crates, Game B only has 2 crates. Both will add to your point total.

Goal 5000 points.


Tip: The crate doesn’t have to be full before you hand the eggs to Mickey or Minnie. If you see the crate will get over six eggs, go ahead give them what’s inside so you can concentrate on the other side!


The Karnival Kid

HOT DOG!! It’s time for Sora to play a downgraded version of Overcook!

Guide: Pete, Donald, Clarabelle, Goofy, or Mickey will request a plate of food. They’ll want a plain hot dog or a hot dog with ketchup. And they may want a soda and/or french fries. The soda and fries are ready to be picked up, but the hot dogs need to be cooked on the grill. Once it has 3 steam lines, it’s ready to be served. If it flashes too much, it can burn, so be sure to pick it up before it does. If you give the character what they want, you’ll get about 40 or more points. Give them what they didn’t order, they get upset at you.

Goal 30000 points.


Tip: All 5 characters will always want a hot dog, so always try to keep a plain dog on your plate at all times!


The Barnyard Battle

Mickey and Sora are ready to hammer in the soldiers from all sides.

Guide: You control Mickey and Sora at the same time. Sora’s controls are on the left and Mickey’s control are on the right. The enemies can come from Sora’s left or right or Mickey’s left or right. There are 3 types of enemies. The ones with the white helmets, they attack one at a time. The ones with the black helmet, 2 will attack both Sora and Mickey at the same time. And the ones without helmets, they can move to other rows before they attack, including switching targets. If you hit the soldier at the sound of the beep, you will get a perfect attack to add to the combo count.

Goal 25000 points.


Tip: Turn the sound on and get into the rhythm of the soldiers. The higher the combo, the higher the score multiplier will be!


Once you clear all 5 minigames, you can press the Issue Product Code button to get your DLC code; however, at the time of this writing, pressing the button states “COMING SOON”.


Do you play Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross]? Did you only download the game to get the Kingdom Hearts III DLC code? Let us know!!






  1. Hello Kingdom Hearts
    I have played the Minigames on the KHUX App and finished the mini games for unlocking the dlc starlight keyblade. And my problem is that the Code I got is not working…. why is that so?
    I pre ordered KH physically and not digital. I choose ps4 europe. Did I must wait until the release?


    • Recently the mobile app issued the codes for the Starlight Keyblade, but the codes won’t be active until the day the game launches on January 29th. The code will be active that day and expires 16 months later on April 2020.

      Hope that helps you!

      Liked by 1 person

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