Gizmoduck Costume for Kids by Disguise Review

My kids love picking out their Halloween costumes. This year my middle child had the tough decision to be either Iron Spider or Gizmoduck for Halloween. He was Spider-man from Spider-man Homecoming last year so he decided that Gizmoduck would be a great decision for this year since DuckTales is his favorite show, and he loves Gizmoduck…Blathering Blatherskite!

The good people at Disguise Inc. are selling officially licensed DuckTales costumes this year. There is a Scrooge McDuck costume and a Gizmoduck costume in their lineup. I am just excited that officially licensed DuckTales costumes exist. The next question that I usually get asked when I tell people about these costumes is do they come in adult sizes? Unfortunately, they do not; however, the Gizmoduck mask will got an adult and I have been told that the Scrooge McDuck mask also fits adults. Sun-Staches also make great officially licensed shades featuring DuckTales characters as another option for kids and adults.

I purchased his Gizmoduck costume from If you sign up for their mailing list, you can even get a 20% off coupon to use on your first order.

The Gizmoduck costume comes in sizes:

Boys XS (3T-4T)

Boys S (4/6)

Boys M (7/8)

Product includes: Gizmoduck jumpsuit and fabric hood with detachable mask

My son is 7 years old and wears size M (7/8) clothes so that is the size that we went for him. It fits him really well. He loved putting it on. I have to live through my kids because I was not lucky enough to have the option to be Gizmoduck when I was a kid.

We are going on a Halloween on the High Seas Disney Cruise. So this will definitely be a popular costume on the ship.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this costume for any family that wants to add some DuckTales to their Halloween fun.

Hopefully we get a Darkwing Duck costumes for kids and adults next year.

Here is a picture of me wearing the Gizmoduck mask for proof that it fits adult heads.


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