We’ve Got That IDW DuckTales Vol 3 Preview For You!

Anytime I consider not blogging about something because it’s already on Twitter or because I wasn’t sure if anyone would want to read a blog post about it… I am making a mistake. I usually start thinking about it when I go to bed, and realize there may be someone who follows this blog or follows us on Twitter who doesn’t have a social media feed full of other DuckTales blogs or sites…. So this is for you!

Tomorrow (Wednesday Sep 12th) IDW’s Volume #3 of DuckTales will be released. The title for this volume is Quests and Quacks. You may be able to find this trade paper back on shelves at your local comic book shop, but if not we have a link for you to purchase it from Amazon. If you’ve been following our blog then you know we have enjoyed the comic so far, and we feel that some of the stories have added to the story found in season 1 of the show. This collection includes many of our favorite issues from the series (so far).

DuckTales Vol. 3: Quests and Quacks on Amazon.com

*Purchases made from this Amazon Affiliate link supports DuckTalks at no additional cost to you!

Click the cover image to read the preview provided by IDW.


Also check out our previous blog about IDW’s DuckTales TPBs!

DuckTales Trade Paperbacks

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