LEGO Ideas Sea Duck Set!

Our buddy Nick (Disney Infinity) has been working on a submission we thought you all would be interested in. I asked Nick to share why he submitted this design to LEGO Ideas.

I’ve always loved Disney, and LEGO just as long. I grew up watching Disney Afternoon cartoons, including Ducktales, Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, Gummi Bears,and yes, Talespin. (in syndication.) I always wanted LEGO sets based off of Disney properties, but LEGO only started producing sets such as these, starting with Toy Story. See a pattern yet? Thus, it was only natural when I learned of LEGO Ideas to attempt to produce set designs based on my favorite properties.

So, what exactly is LEGO Ideas? LEGO Ideas is a bit like Kickstarter. Except for one difference.  Backers (Supporters) don’t pledge money, rather they pledge to support (by voting) that they’d buy the set. They must fill out a survey asking how much they’d pay, how many they’d buy. All that’s needed is to log in with a LEGO ID (if you’ve bought a set online directly from LEGO, it’s that same account). If not, sign-up is easy and free. Go to and log in, or sign up. I have to get 100 supporters in the first 60 days or the project is archived, and I must start gathering support again. Once it hits 10,000 supporters, LEGO will put it into the LEGO Review, and decide if they can and will produce it. If they decide to produce it, they refine my design and box it up, as a buyable set.

More info:

So, to access my  project, go here: Please click support, then share it in every way possible. Twitter, email, Facebook, Instagram, wherever.

Also, follow me for more projects to support. I also have some more under my profile.

We hope you like and choose to support Nick’s project. It would be cool to see interest in Disney Afternoon projects lead to a series.

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