Channel 28 Disney Afternoon Pins


Disneyland Pin trading event features new Disney Afternoon Pins! Here is the information on the event.


  • When: Thursday, August 23, 2018 from 7 – 11 p.m.
  • Where: Star Wars Launch Bay, Tomorrowland, Disneyland Park
  • Admission: $15 per guest

What’s included?

  • Pin Trading Area
  • One (1) edible treat
  • Preview of upcoming pin releases
  • First opportunity to pre-purchase select themed pins from the Channel 28 Collection via the Random Selection Process.

*Tickets Sold Out* (link in case more spots open) Registration

There will be 12 different pin sets to choose from, but these two sets have me the most excited.


Channel 28 Mystery Pin Set: There are 12 pins in total for this collection. Limited edition of 2,400 and retail price is $19.99 per box. Two randomly selected pins per box. No chasers.


Song Box Set: Includes four pins. Pin features a pin on pin design with glitter embellishments. Limited edition of 200 and retail price is $100.00.

It isn’t is unclear if these sets will be available after the event if stock is still available. We love seeing all the Disney Afternoon merch come out and hope we can get our hands on some.  Please let us know if you will be attending the event!

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