First Look At DuckTales Figurines From The Disney Store!

The DuckTales Summer of Merch News continues this week with some rad looking figurines from the Disney Store. This image was shared with us yesterday as we were preparing to record episode 28 of the podcast.

These look great! They are non poseable figurines like the ones you find in the large tiered displays in the Disney stores. The set includes the main characters from the show in fun poses. My girls are going to love these. You can already find these available on certain websites, but you would pay a great deal more than their retail. Wait for the Disney Store to release them and you will pay around $14.99 (or maybe 2 for $10 each).

I would like to point out that several of these look very similar to the image we saw from PhatMojo several months ago, but we do not believe they are the same toys at this time. The paint applications are different and some of the poses are different (Huey looks to be holding a Jr Woodchuck Guide Book).

We will be keeping an eye out for these to release at and at our local stores. Tell us about your excitement for DuckMerch in the comments below or on Twitter @DuckTalks

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