Join DuckTalks First Live Recording Tonight!

When we first started the DuckTalks podcast we knew there were certain things that we wanted to do with the podcast. One of those aspirations was to offer listeners an opportunity to join us for live recordings.

We are totally new to podcasting. The first 25 episodes of DuckTalks were my first to record, edit, and publish. But starting this evening you will be able to join us as we record the episode!

To do this, we have had to make some changes to how we do things. I am in Tennessee, Pirate Steven is in Florida, and Josh is in California. Obviously we don’t meet up and record in the same room. We have been utilizing Skype for our conversation. One of the benefits of being part of has been the wealth of knowledge and support of our fellow podcasters.

We have also enjoyed the use of’s discord server. Some of you have already enjoyed conversations with us on that server, and tonight that is where you will need to go to participate in our first live recording.

If you haven’t joined us there before here is a link to help you find your way: Discord. You can access the server on your smart phone, tablet, or computer.

After you’ve signed up or logged in you will want to find the REZDtv server. It should be represented by an “R” on the left side.

Scroll down to the Voice Chat Channels and look for DuckTalks Podcast Record… Select the channel to hear the live recording of the podcast. Now you can hear us, but you can’t communicate with us unless you go to our DuckTalks Channel.

To find the channel just scroll back toward the top and find the DuckTalks Channel. Select the channel and you will be able to hear us and chat with us on our channel.

If you are new to Discord this may seem complicated, but if you need any help don’t hesitate to message me on Discord or tweet at me @DuckTalks. Hope to see you tonight! We plan on logging in around 9:00 pm EST (you might need to remind @CCRunner524)

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