Issue #9 Of IDW’s DuckTales Releasing Late?!

Hey everyone! We are big fans of IDW’s DuckTales comic. Throughout the hiatus it was a consistent meal of delicious duck stories that kept us sane. Well, it looks like that consistent streak may be broken this month.

Friend of the show, @Kahuna_potato, pointed out on our Discord Channel that DuckTales #9 was showing a release date of 6/6… While writing this blog I looked it up and the listing on ComiXology now lists the issue as being released on 6/27. What’s strange about this is that is the same date issue #10 is scheduled for release.

Now, it is possible the comic could take a break this month. Honestly it’s surprising they have been able to release each month while the show was on its 5 month break. We’ve seen less than half of the first season, and some of the issue descriptions borderline spoilers for the show. In fact, last month’s comic had a last minute change of story to keep from ruining a Beakley surprise from the show.

We will be watching this story closely over the next few days. We have reached out to someone who works on the comic, but they did not have an answer at this time.

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