What Is With DuckTales Airing New Episodes In Sweden!?

This is not the kind of blog that I want to write. We’ve been discussing this amongst ourselves and in our discord chat for a few days now. We’ve gone back and forth on whether to talk about the possible airing of new DT17 episodes in other countries. Honestly, the major reason we held off on writing anything about it was for fear that they were leaks and not aired episodes.

We want to support DuckTales 2017 in every way possible. We want to blog and discuss the news as the show releases it, but with such a long hiatus I was afraid things would hit the internet before we saw them on Disney XD (or the Disney Channel).

Most of you reading this blog know what I am talking about, but for those of you who don’t let me bring you up to speed. Last week DT Reddit and Twitter was on fire because it appeared a Russian site had episode 13 of DuckTales 2017 in English for people to stream. Then we found out the episode may have actually aired in Sweden. It was difficult to confirm if the episode did or did not air on Swedish television. Co-Producer of DT17, Frank Angones, responded to fans on Twitter asking us to wait for the episode to air before watching it, and people started discussing whether it was wrong to watch it or not.

Fast forward to today… a new episode is up (11 or 12 I believe), and it appears Sweden is getting new episodes of DT17 every Wednesday. So far the episodes aired have been stand alones and have not spoiled any of the plot points for fans in the US… but that may soon change.

A Reddit user is the Netherlands posted today that his TV Guide has an episode synopsis for a new episode scheduled to air April 7th, and it appears to be episode 10… the Toga episode! And it’s titled… The Spear of Selene!? If you’ve watched “The Great Dime Chase” and “Woo-oo!” That name may seem familiar. It is because this episode will continue the Della Duck Mystery.

That’s the latest on this ongoing story… We really don’t know what is happening because No one associated with the show can talk about when the episodes will air. Hopefully we get word soon on when DuckTales 2017 will begin airing in the US, and hopefully it is soon.

How do you feel about watching the episodes online? Are they fair game since they aired in other countries? Are you waiting for the episodes to air in your country? Participate in the conversation below or on Twitter @DuckTalks

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