Media Labs Adventure Guide Cancelled!?

*Update 10/5/18* The book did eventually return to Amazon and other sites. It was released on October 2nd and can be found at amazon or other retailers. We have a copy on the way and plan a review.

I just realized I had an email in my inbox letting me know that my preorder for Media Lab’s DuckTales Adventurer’s Guide: Explorer Skills and Outdoor Activities for Daring Kids has been cancelled. You can see the email below, but it appears it was cancelled due to the lack of availability.

This was the book that was slated to release in October. We had presumed it was taken down from until they could fix the description that stated Season 2 of DuckTales 2017 was beginning in October.

It was odd that it was taken down, but it’s even more odd that the preorders would be cancelled. I wonder if this book is still happening?

What do you think? Is the book cancelled or do you think it will show back up closer to October with a new description? As always, keep the conversation going in the comments or on our Twitter feed. @DuckTalks

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