Will We See Daisy In The Reboot?!

Disney’s Duck comics started with Donald Duck, and grew to include many ducks that would go on to become loved by fans all over the world. The original DuckTales cartoon only included Donald Duck on a handful of adventures. The writers chose to leave him out of the stories because they felt his voice would be too difficult for children to understand, and that he would overshadow the rest of the characters.

The creators of Disney XD’s reboot of DuckTales have made the decision to include Donald in their family of adventurers. The first seven or so episodes… (it’s debatable) have proven this was a great decision. Donald’s relationship with Scrooge, the boys, and Mrs. Beakley has made for many of the greatest moments of the show.

One question that may be on the minds of Donald Duck fans is; “Will Daisy Duck appear in DuckTales?”

Daisy Duck first appeared in the Walt Disney short film; Mr. Duck Steps Out in 1940. She went on to appear alongside Donald in several shorts, and even went on to appear in theatrical releases. Daisy did not appear in the original DuckTales cartoon, but she was in many of the classic Duck comics. She was also featured in the Quack Pack where she was updated and given a new look.

We have seen no indication that Daisy will appear on the show, but it could be fun to see how the creators of the reboot would re-imagine her and include her in the family. In Don Rosa’s unofficial timeline, Daisy is the sister of Donald’s brother-in-law. This would make her Huey, Dewey, and Louie’s aunt! Which does explain why they always called her “Aunt Daisy.” It would be interesting to see Daisy included in the search to solve the mysteries around Della Duck (who would be her sister-in-law). Or maybe she shows up in season 2, when we start looking for the boys’ father.
What do you think? Do you think we see Daisy in the DuckTales reboot? Will she be introduced as a relative of the nephews? Comment below or going the conversation on Twitter!

Update 10/20

Friend of the DuckTalks on Twitter, @Kahuna_Potato pointed out that Frank Angones has directed fans to his pinned tweet when they ask about Daisy in DuckTales. Here’s the tweet. 



  1. I do too believe that Daisy is the sister of HDL’s father. Also, with that being said, since Daisy is also April, May and June’s aunt, that would make both sets of triplets, cousins.

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    • It would be interesting to see an adventure with a large group of cousins! I grew up in a large extended family, and my cousins were my earliest friends. It would also be cool to see how a Webby would get along with AMJ…


  2. I’m more curious if Disney would ever allow Mickey to be on Ducktales. I just don’t like the idea that it’s very well-known that Donald is Mickey’s best friend and yet it seems like he’s non-existent in this universe I’d like to consider “canon”.

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    • I have heard… and it may have been from Frank Angones… that they are not allowed to use Mickey. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard they requested it (and like every other Disney Character), and it was denied. For now.

      Thanks for reading, and commenting.


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