DuckTalks Episode 002 – Sequels, Shuffles, and Ganders!

On this episode of DuckTalks the guys discuss DuckTales Episode Schedule Shuffling, New Disney Afternoon Action-figures, Episode 6 of DuckTales “The House of Lucky Gander!”, and the series intro of Gladstone Gander.

DuckTalks Episode 2

Oh man! I am pumped to share this episode with you. We’ve come a long way in the past few weeks. I hope you enjoy this episode of DuckTalks half as much as Pirate Steven and I enjoyed recording it.

We want DuckTalks to allow Disney Duck fans a place to discuss the reboot, the original show, the comics, and other Disney Afternoon properties. If you listened to the show and want to join the conversation you can do that below in the comments section, in the comments section at, or on Twitter with @DuckTalks. We look forward to future conversations!

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