Return of the Terra-firmians!

If you haven’t seen the latest episode of DuckTales, there are spoilers ahead!

Today’s episode, “Terror of the Tera-firmians!,” was another excellent addition to the new DuckTales series on Disney XD. We were treated to a stand alone story full of adventure and laughs. We also received more insight into the newest addition of our adventuring ducks, Lena… but that is a post for another time. 

The episode begins after a family outing to the movies. Lena had convinced Mrs. Beakley to allow the kids to watch a horror movie, and it kind of freaked Launchpad out. This episode was full of hilarious Launchpad moments, be prepared to laugh. 

The movie led to a discussion and then an argument between Huey (who has yet to be featured in the new episodes) and Webby. Huey assured Launchpad that monsters and creatures like the ones in the movie were not real. Webby chimes in that they’ve seen many things that are strange and it would be wrong to dismiss everything that is not in the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook. 

The argument lead to the kids sneaking away to inspect some abandoned subway tunnels for Terra-firmians. Webby keeps details of everything she has learned in her glitter notebook, so she has some theories about who they are. 

For those fans of the original series, this name may have been familiar. In the 29th episode of the original series, titled “Earth Quack,” we were introduced to the subterranean residents when they started causing tremors around Duckburg while practicing for the Tera-firmian games. 

There were many callbacks to the original episode like Webby insisting there was a coup taking place by a Terra-firmian prince, and that he is using the Terra-firmian games as a distraction. 

 I believe the Terra-firmians were also featured in the comics, but I am not as familiar with those (yet). So I cannot provide details of that storyline. Maybe one of you Duckaholics can inform us in the comments or on Twitter (@DuckTalks). 

The Terra-firmians will also be familiar if you played the original DuckTales game on the NES, the Remastered release, or the Disney Afternoon Collection. 

The latest episode of the reboot did not provide many details on who the Terra-firmians are. And they mostly appear in the shadows. However, at the end of the episode they finally come into the light…

I totally expected this story to go into a Gravity Falls-like direction and change the Terra-firmians,  but the creators planned a delightfully surprise. Once the adventurous ducks get a clear view of the Terra-firmians they realize they shouldn’t be feared, and that maybe Webby’s info on them isn’t 100% accurate. 

It was fun that the Terra-firmians themselves mirrored our adventurers, and were even just as confused by the surface dwelling ducks. Their designs are exactly what I expected from the DuckTales reboot. It’s a fresh, clean look. 

We should expect to see the Terra-firmians in a future episode. They were mostly in the shadows in this episode, and it would be a surprise if they aren’t needed in  another story. 

We really enjoyed this episode, and at this point the show would have to change drastically for me to change my opinion of it. 

So what did you think about our introduction to the Terra-firmians? Comment below or on Twitter. 


  1. I don’t like much this episode, because it’s a little bit too “science-fictiony” and bowls the science. Webbygail actually seems too much oaf and I personally prefer Huey which is the most responsable.


    • This episode felt very different from the rest. I enjoyed the comedy, the character development, and the return of the Terra-firmians. Their episode in the original series was a favorites of mine growing up.

      Huey was my least favorite nephew at first, but with his additional development I like him just as much as the other two. He is more responsible, and I enjoy that about him.

      Thanks for your comments. I hope you continue to enjoy they show, and our site.

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    • Webby is amazing in this show, and I like her changes from the original show most of all. Lena is interesting because I could see her being evil or being trapped in a situation with no way out.

      Thanks for your comments!

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      • Yes it is…., it’s kind of ridicolous! It’s like Lena became Webby’s friend soooooooooooooooooo immediately. In fact when she accepted Beakley’s offer to come to the manor every time she want I think she has a plan to take the Number One dime.. Fenix theory shew that Magica could be the one to get Della back for the moon, perhaps in excange of the lucky dime.

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