Super7 Disney Ultimates Wave 5 Revealed

Long before the Rescue Rangers, there were The Rescuers. Super7 has revealed two figure packs from the classic 1977 Disney animated film, The Rescuers, will make up their Disney Ultimates Wave 5. This is the second consecutive wave that Super7 has released figures from the same movie for the entire wave. The previous wave was Oogie Boogie, Sally, and Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. I definitely did not have The Rescuers anywhere on my Super7 Disney Ultimates bingo card. Super7 likes to pick characters from franchises that people are not expecting…so mission accomplished.

Super7 released a teaser picture earlier this week of a skull that holds the Devil’s Eye Diamond. Penny is lowered down a hole in a swamp to fetch the diamond by Madame Medusa.

The figure packs that we will be getting with Super7 Disney Ultimates Wave 5 are Penny and Miss Bianca and Bernard.

The packaging is designed to look like the terrace of the riverboat that Penny is being held captive. Let’s start by taking a look at Penny.

Penny is loaded with accessories and additional characters from The Rescuers. This is the definitive Disney Ultimates figure pack as it comes with everything that you could possibly want to go along with the character.

“Please let someone find my bottle!” As seen in Disney The Rescuers, poor Penny’s situation looked dire, but faith makes things turn out right! This 7” scale ULTIMATES! figure of Penny features interchangeable heads & hands and multiple accessories including Rufus the cat, her beloved Teddy, the Devil’s Eye diamond, and more. Also included are in-scale versions of Miss Bianca and Bernard!

The in-scale Miss Bianca and Bernard as well as Rufus the cat are my favorites.

Let’s take a look at the second figure pack which includes a larger scale Miss Bianca and Bernard.

As seen in Disney The Rescuers, these two little mice from the Rescue Aid Society have a tall order ahead of them to rescue Penny! This ULTIMATES! multi-pack features both Miss Bianca and Bernard with interchangeable heads & hands and multiple accessories including luggage, a lantern, and a map. Miss Bianca and Bernard are also accompanied by Evinrude and his leaf-boat, ready to go for a ride through Devil’s Bayou!

I am going to display my figures exactly like the picture above with the two Rescuers in the leaf being propelled by Evenrude. I love that we are getting a Super7 Disney Ultimates pack that has multiple smaller characters in the same package which definitely adds a lot of value. Note: this figure pack is priced at $85 instead of $55.

I really wish that there was a Super7 Disney Ultimates figure of the villain from The Rescuers, Madame Medusa, included in this wave.

Where to Buy?

The Super7 Disney Ultimates figures from Wave 5 retail for $54.99 for Penny and $84.99 for Miss Bianca and Bernard. The figures are tentatively scheduled for a January 2024 release and can be preordered from Entertainment Earth at the links below. You can get FREE SHIPPING on orders of $59+ with code DUCKTALKS.

Order: Super7 Disney Ultimates Penny

Order: Super 7 Disney Ultimates Miss Bianca and Bernard

*By purchasing from Entertainment Earth through our affiliate links above you are supporting DuckTalks at no additional cost to yourself!

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