Diamond Select Toys Marvel What If…? Zombies Minimates Review


I loved the Marvel Zombies comic books series that debuted in 2005. Marvel Studios also included a Marvel Zombies episode in their Disney+ animated series What If…? The Marvel Zombies were featured in episode 5 which was titled What If…Zombies?!

I really enjoyed the What If…Zombies? episode when it aired in September 2021. With great new Marvel content comes great new Marvel merch. I was looking forward to any new Marvel Zombies merch that would be released. Several toy and collectibles companies would make figures of the Captain America zombie.

To celebrate Previews’ 40th Anniversary, Diamond Select Toys recently released in October a box set of Marvel Zombies Minimates from Disney+ Marvel Studios What If…? series. Our friends from Diamond Select Toys sent over the Marvel What If…? Zombies Minimates set for us to showcase on the blog.


The Minimates box set comes in a hexagon shaped box with a different character packaged on each side.

The window box packaging allows in box collectors to display the figures inside the packaging if they wish to do so, but these Minimates Marvel Zombies figures would be appreciated the most outside of the packaging.

What If…Zombies?! Minimates

This Minimates box set comes with four Marvel Zombies characters and two heroes that appear in the episode.

Diamond Select Toys Minimates line often gets compared to LEGO minifigures; however, Minimates are larger with more articulation and details. There have been two Marvel Zombies figures released in the Disney+ LEGO minifigures collection. So we will take a look at that direct comparison for Zombie Captain America and Zombie Hunter Spidey.

Each Minimates figure in this box set includes a clear circle stand with a peg that you can use to display your figures in dynamic poses and to also help them stand. I did not have to use the stand for any of my pictures as the articulation in the poses that I chose balanced the figures quite nicely.

Zombie Captain America

Zombie Steve Rogers can zombie all day and night. Out of all of the zombie designs made for the What If…Zombies?! episode, Zombie Captain America may be my favorite.

The Zombie Captain America Minimates figure looks absolutely menacing in his deteriorating flesh details. His shield accessory looks a little too clean for Zombie Cap and could have used a little more wear and blood stain details.

Below we have some comparison pictures with the Zombie Cap LEGO minifigure and Hasbro Marvel Legends figure.

Zombie Iron Man

Tony definitely looks like a billion zombie dollars. Seriously, look at that zombie paint job on his face. All of the paint jobs on the figures in this Minimates set were really well done.

Zombie Iron Man comes with a display stand accessory that will make him look like he is in zombie flight.

Zombie Dr. Strange

Zombie Dr. Strange’s right leg is clear with his leg bone painted on it. The DETAILS!

Zombie Wanda

Zombie Wanda Maxinoff is absolutely gorgeous in the What If…Zombie?! episode. Just look at that face. The Scarlett Witch is so “in” right now. She is the most powerful person on the Avengers team as well as Team Zombie.

Scott Lang’s Head in a Jar

Scott Lang’s body may not have survived the zombie apocalypse, but his head lives on. This is yet another example how Paul Rudd’s face really never ages.

Ant Man’s head in a jar looks like it is floating due to Dr. Strange’s Cloak of Levitation which is not under zombie power.

Zombie Hunter Spidey

The Cloak of Levitation saves Spider-man from zombie attack, and they become new best friends forever. This is a great new look for Peter Parker as Zombie Hunter Spidey.

In the What If…Zombies?! episode, Peter Parker goes maskless for the majority of the episode as having a secret identity in this zombie filled world is not important. This figure comes with an alternate masked head.

Zombie Hunter Spidey also comes with a web rope, but I couldn’t get it to cooperate for pictures.

Who wore the Cloak of Levitation better…Scott Lang or Peter Parker?

Below we have a comparison picture with the Zombie Hunter Spidey LEGO minifigure.

This figure has great additional value because this new Spider-man suit minus the Cloak of Levitation is the exact same suit that Spider-man wears at Avenger Campus at Disney’s California Advenure. I love me some Avenger Campus merch!

Where to Buy?

The Diamond Select Toys Marvel What If…? Zombies Minimates Box Set retails for $49.99 at Entertainment Earth.

Order: Diamond Select Toys Marvel What If…? Zombies Minimates Box Set

*By purchasing from Entertainment Earth through the link above, you are supporting DuckTalks at no additional cost to yourself!

Final Thoughts

These are my favorite Minimates figures from Diamond Select Toys. DST also Marvel Zombies Minimates figures based on the comics over a decade ago. You could display these Minimates all year round or have them terrorize your other figures during spooky time. The figures are all really detailed and the face paint jobs are perfect.

There is an animated Marvel Zombies series being developed for Disney+. Marvel What If…? is also getting a second season. So we may see even more Marvel Zombies Minimates in the future.

Let us know what you think about the Diamond Select Toys Marvel What If…? Zombies Minimates box set in the comments below or tweet us @DuckTalks. Also, don’t forget to follow @CollectDST for all of their latest toys and collectibles news.

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