Darkwing Duck To Return to Comics!

It was announced Friday by Dynamite Comics that they will be producing a new comic book based on Darkwing Duck. The reports of the announcement shared by Dynamite Comics indicates these will be new stories, but the publishers also has the rights to reprint the original limited series from 1991 that introduced the character in comics.

Darkwing Duck is a Disney Television Animation property that debuted in 1991. The series was created by a team lead by one of our favorite people in the industry, Tad Stones. The show followed the heroic and bombastic adventures of the “Masked Mallard” (well one of them anyway) who patrolled the streets of St. Canard to thwart the villainy of crooks and super villains. The show focused on Darkwing’s career as the cities masked vigilante and those of his alter ego; Drake Mallard. Darkwing did not fight crime alone. He was joined by his trustworthy sidekick Launchpad McQuack, his adopted daughter Gosalyn, and their nerdy neighbor Honker Muddlefoot. The show often included stories of how their domestic life and heroics would sometimes collide.

Darkwing’s comic history is an interesting one for sure. He debuted in comics with his own limited series in 1991. That did not lead into an ongoing series, but his comic adventures did continue in the pages of Disney Adventures. In the last 20 years he has experienced a popular return to comics at Boom! Studios and Joe Books. The later series was cancelled without the creative team of Aaron Sparrow and James Silvani completing their already planned story arc.

We are big fans of the Darkwing comics. Pirate has been collecting the Boom! series over the past few years, and I recently secured all four issues of the original limited series. IDW previously had the Disney License and released some of the Boom Studios stories in the Disney Afternoon Giant bi-monthly books. The entire Boom! series was collected in the Joe Book’s Darkwing Omnibus Collection, but that has been out of print for some time now and is very expensive on the secondary market.

The announcement by Dynamite did not include an announcement on the creative team. Aaron Sparrow and James Silvani have been pleasantly bombarded with questions on social media. Aaron had this to say;

Obviously, we hope to see Aaron and James on the book. Their work at JoeBooks and on the omnibus collecting the remastered Boom! stories include some of our favorite Darkwing Duck stories. If you would like to see them return to Darkwing Duck at Dynamite be sure to let them know on social media, and tell your local comic shop that you want the book next year. The best way to see DW’s adventures continue in comic book form is to vote for them with our wallets.

In addition to the Darkwing announcement Dynamite will also be publishing a Gargoyles comic with Greg Wiseman attached.


  1. They’d BETTER get Aaron Sparrow back to write this new series. I’m still annoyed that Disney cancelled the previous series despite it having far more unresolved plot threads than the DuckTales reboot ended with. Plus, they’re already letting Greg Weisman continue where the previous Gargoyles comic left off, so it wouldn’t seem fair if they didn’t allow Sparrow to resolve his cliffhangers as well. (Still hoping we get that Scrooge biopic crossover story and that Mickey Mouse team-up!)

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      • I remember James saying that they were working on a new publishing plan when it was halted…. something tells me that plans didn’t turn out so well.


      • Really? I always thought that the people who actually owned the franchise were the ones who decided whether or not its comic would stay in print. After all, wasn’t it Sega that pulled the plug on Archie’s long-running Sonic the Hedgehog comic book so they could move the license to IDW? Also, if it was Joe Books’ fault and not Disney’s for Darkwing’s comic being cancelled, wouldn’t Aaron Sparrow have said so?


  2. And now Aaron has officially confirmed that Disney is not letting write this new comic. I guess this means we should boycott this new comic and start a petition demanding that Disney rehire him, doesn’t it?


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