A Goofy Movie Goofy VHS Funko POP Unboxing

Funko recently honored one of the greatest movies ever made, A Goofy Movie, with a figure release in their Funko POP! VHS Covers figure line. The Funko POP! VHS Covers figures brings the nostalgia for the classic Disney clamshell VHS cases that were in every Disney fans VHS library in the 90s. Other Disney movies represented in the Funko POP! VHS Covers series include Beauty and the Beast, Hercules, A Nightmare Before Christmas, Toy Story, The Lion King, The Emperor’s New Groove, and Lilo and Sitch. I definitely had all of those classic Disney VHS before eventually converting to DVDs and Blu-rays. All of the Disney Funko POP! VHS Cover figures announced/released thus far have been Amazon exclusives.

I preordered the A Goofy Movie Funko POP VHS Cover figure as soon as it was announced and made available on Amazon’s website. It eventually shipped out in late June. It retailed for $19.99 and is currently out of stock on Amazon. We will let you know if it shows up again.

It arrived in a box protector to protect the box for in box collectors. This is always nice as sometimes Funko POP! boxes can be damaged in the mail if not packaged properly.

The box is definitely a beauty with the A Goofy Movie logo and vibrant colors to match the A Goofy Movie VHS cover. The figure comes in a plexiglass Funko POP! protector case with a cellophane wrap and Amazon exclusive sticker. I am not an in-box collector so I removed the wrapper from my figure for display.

The figure is held in place on the base by a screw that connects from the back of the Funko POP! Protector to Goofy’s head.

If you look at the first picture in this blog, you can see that Goofy was slanted. I was able to unscrew this screw and adjust him to make him stand up straight on the base. (Note: You can completely unscrew Goofy from the back and pop open the case from the bottom, but I was very cautious to not do that as I like the way that this figure looks in the case.)

The Goofy figure is from the camping scene of A Goofy Movie when Goofy demonstrates the perfect cast to Max and inadvertently catches Bigfoot. The background of the figure display is straight from the A Goofy Movie VHS cover.

Funko had only released a Powerline figure in their Funko POP! figure line. It was a Hot Topic exclusive and one of my favorite figures in my Funko POP! collection. A Goof Troop Max figure w/ a chase option holding his skateboard was a GameStop Black Friday exclusive. Powerline and Max were also included in the Funko POP! Pin product line. Funko Games also released a must have A Goofy Movie board game.

Those two previously released figures pair up really nicely with the A Goofy Movie Funko POP! VHS Cover.

I really love this A Goofy Movie Funko POP! VHS Cover figure. It brings back the good feels that I had for that A Goofy Movie VHS that got worn out and rewatched over and over again. I have hope that we will get more A Goofy Movie Funko POP! figures. Funko, if you are reading this, we need a Powerline Max, Roxanne, PJ, Bobby, Pete, Lester the Possum, Goofy w/ Possum hat, I2I Movie Moment, Goofy and Pete and Goofy Hot Tub Movie Moment.

I have been really selective with my Funko POP! purchases lately, but I definitely would also be all in for a DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp Funko POP! VHS Cover figure.

Let us know what you think about the A Goofy Movie Funko POP! VHS Cover figure in the comments below or tweet us @DuckTalks.

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