Beast Kingdom Donald Duck (DAH-042) Review

Who’s got the sweetest disposition?
One guess–guess who!
Who never, never starts an argument?
Who never shows a bit of temperament?
Who’s never wrong but always right?
Who’d never dream of starting a fight?
Who gets stuck with all the bad luck?
No one…but Donald Duck!

Beast Kingdom added the Disney duck with all of the bad luck to their popular Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure lineup. Beast Kingdom’s Dynamic 8ction Heroes figures are highly articulated 1/9th scale figures. The figures also come loaded with accessories and alternate parts so that you can customize the character for your display. Other Fab Five Disney characters in the Dynamic 8ction Heroes figures product line include two versions of Mickey Mouse: Classic Black and White Mickey Mouse and Sorcerer Mickey from Fantasia.

Beast Kingdom is definitely big fans of Disney ducks and Disney Afternoon shows with Darkwing Duck, Negaduck, Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, and Louie Dynamic 8ction Heroes figures. Hopefully even more Disney Afternooniverse figure releases will be coming soon.

Our friends at Beast Kingdom sent over the Donald Duck Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure for us to showcase on the blog. Let’s get quacking!


The packaging for this Donald Duck figure comes in a square blue box with artwork of Donald Duck’s face on the front of the box.

Donald Duck (DAH-042)

Donald Fauntleroy Duck stands over 6 inches tall and includes 12 points of articulation. Donald’s hat attaches to his head via a magnet at the bottom of the hat and another magnet in the head sculpt.

Donald has had many different sailor suit color variations from his career of almost 90 years. The colors of his soft goods fabric sailor suit for this figure represent Donald Duck in his current look. I wouldn’t mind seeing Beast Kingdom do a special edition release of Donald in classic black and white to match the Mickey Mouse Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure. A black sailor suit to represent his appearance in the comics or in DuckTales (2017) are also at the top of my wish list.

One of my all time favorite Donald Duck figures is the Donald Duck Hybrid Metal Figuration release from Herocross. When the Beast Kingdom Donald Duck Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure was first announced, I immediately thought of the Herocross figure and wondered how it would compare to the new Beast Kingdom figure. They both are amazing figures and each have their own positives. The Herocross figure has a greater weight to it, and it features additional points of articulation. For the Beast Kingdom figure, I like how it is slightly taller at the 1/9th scale and that the soft goods sailor suit covers some of the joints. Both figures come with multiple alternate hands and head sculpts, but the Beast Kingdom figure parts are way easier to swap out. I would rank them as 1 (a) and 1 (b) for best Donald Duck figures as they both are really fantastic.

Donald Duck w/ Herocross Donald Duck 2.0


The Beast Kingdom Donald Duck (DAH-042) figure is not loaded with accessories like other Dynamic 8ction Heroes figures, but it does come with an assortment of alternate parts that will give you plenty of options to customize your Donald Duck figure in your display. I did not experience any issues with swapping out parts, but you should always be careful and not rush your swaps.

  • Two interchangeable face sculpts (regular and angry)
  • Each face sculpt comes with four sets of alternate eyes (looking up, down, left, and right)
  • Three (3) pairs of interchangeable hands (open, gripped, holding)
  • Donald Duck figure base with bracket

The figure base is a really nice addition as it is not listed on the product list of accessories. The figure does not need the bracket to stand on it’s own. The base would look great in a display that has other Beast Kingdom Dynamic 8ction Heroes figures on their stands.

Toy Photography

I love figures that I can pose with other pieces in my collection. I hope that you enjoy the toy photography below for display inspirations. The other products in these photos are sold separately.

Donald Duck w/ Beast Kingdom Donald Duck D-Stage
Donald Duck w/ Beast Kingdom Chip ‘N’ Dale D-Stage
Donald Duck w/ Beast Kingdom Donald Duck Mini Egg Attack
Donald Duck w/ Beast Kingdom Sorcerer Mickey Deluxe Stand and Accessories
Donald Duck w/ Beast Kingdom Sorcerer Mickey and Black and White Classic Mickey Dynamic 8ction Heroes


Beast Kingdom’s Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure line continues to impress with this release of one of Disney’s most popular characters, Donald Duck. There is definitely a market for high quality Disney figures. I love the 1/9th scale sizing of this figure. The figure really is dynamic as it’s articulation allows for many different pose possibilities. This is not a figure collection that you are going to take out of the box and just put on a shelf and leave alone. You are going to have a great time with all of the included alternate parts to customize Donald for many different display options. The angry Donald face is hysterical and very fitting for his character.

Additional accessories specific to some of Donald’s most famous animated shorts or comics would have been a great inclusion for this figure. I could definitely see Beast Kingdom release more Donald Duck figures if this one sells well. Mickey Mouse has two figures, and Donald Duck is way more popular than Mickey, right?

Donald looks great paired up with the Mickey Mouse Dynamic 8ction Heroes figures or the new DuckTales Dynamic 8ction Heroes figures releasing soon of Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Beast Kingdom definitely seems committed to adding additional Disney animated characters to this exciting product line.

There are no “Aw, Phooeys!” about this figure as it will make an excellent addition to your collection.


Donald Duck w/ Beast Kingdom Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, and Louie Dynamic 8ction Heroes

Where to Buy?

The Donald Duck Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure (DAH-042) retails for $71.99 and will be in stock and shipping soon from Beast Kingdom. It is currently available to order at the link below:

Order: Donald Duck Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure (DAH-042) (Beast Kingdom)

Donald Duck w/ Hasbro Marvel Legends Zombie Captain America

Let us know what you think about the Beast Kingdom Donald Duck Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure (DAH-042) in the comments below or tweet us @DuckTalks. Also, don’t forget to follow @beast_kingdom for all of their latest toys and collectibles news.


  1. Realizing that you guys are getting these toys for free, and are more likely to write positive reviews for that reason alone, I’d still like to ask you to please explain why there’s absolutely no mention of the NEON GREEN stripes on Donald’s shirt, when they should be yellow instead! 8-0

    And don’tcha blame the lighting, as there are enough yellow tones in these photos! ;-D

    In other words, it’s OK to have a more fair and balanced review every once in a while, but then again, maybe you really only have good things to say about any of the fun items you’re reviewing (then all the more power to you — have there EVER been any “Aw, Phooeys!” before?)… X-D


    • Thanks for the comment. It is true that almost all of our reviews are sponsored which I am extremely lucky and fortunate for, but the reviews are all honest. I definitely get why there is skepticism for sponsored reviews. All of the items that I I pick and request to showcase on the blog are things that I would actually spend my own money on had I not gotten the item to review. Again, I know how lucky I am.

      I do accept and appreciate the critique for being always overly positive about items, but if you knew me in real life I am generally a positive person which is rare in this current timeline.

      The colors of the stripe on Donald’s sailor suit did not personally bother me at all. I was more hyped to have a Donald figure of great size that stands on it’s own and can do more than just the standard action figure museum pose. The Herocross Donald Duck figure is definitely the gold standard and the best action figure out there, but it also has it’s flaws of having to be a figure that most people would need to pay more to import and the hand and neck joints are way too tight. While there are many alternate head and hand options, some people may have problems swapping the parts in fear of snapping a peg. Thankfully, I haven’t experienced any issues with swapping parts with the figures in Beast Kingdom’s Dynamic 8ction Heroes lineup. So the “dynamic” features of this figure and many customizations options is what I am overly obsessed about. I continued to have fun posing this figure long after the review was over.

      I will add a section for character accuracy to future reviews. So I appreciate that feedback. Shoot me an email if you have any other feedback or questions, Thanks!


  2. I appreciate the thorough answer, and I believe ya! 🙂

    Yes, an accuracy section would be appreciated, and might make the reviews read less like they’re “payment” for receiving the items “for free”! (Huey, Dewey, and Louie’s proportions could’ve used a good heaping of fan criticism when the three were still just hatchlings… I mean, prototypes; and IF this is a company that listens to its customers, the figures might have benefited from it in the long run! Don’t we all nitpick mostly because we DO care?) 😉

    Here’s another idea to possibly add to this particular line of reviews: Let us know if parts are swappable among the different figures of the same line (à la Lego minifigures); kinda like you showed for “Donald the Sorcerer” above, only for heads, hands, eyes, beaks, etc.


  3. Thanks for the great photos. I agree that it’s hard to take some evaluations seriously since it does seem like you’re hesitant to criticize even obvious flaws, for fear of no longer receiving items for free.
    For example, all of the photographs only show two of the “eyes” options — looking straight ahead and angry looking straight ahead. But some of hte other eye options shown in the packaging photograph show different SHAPES of eyes. How does that work, when the eyebrows and outline of the eyes is sculpted as part of the head? Would love a little clarity there, if possible, please.


    • There are a total of four eye positions for each head sculpt (eyes down, up, left, and right). The eye shapes are different between the head sculpts so they are not interchangeable between the two head sculpts. In the picture I posted of the insert, the left side eyes are for the regular head sculpt and the right side eyes are for the mad face.


  4. I added a pic of the Donald angry face with his eyes looking to the left which I really like for that head sculpt.


    • I see it now, I thought the eyes themselves were different shapes but i think it’s just one or two are upside down in the box. And I see the angry eyes looking to the left now which I agree, looks amazing! Thanks for the details and the fast reply. Keep up the great work, I love your blog!


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