Beast Kingdom Negaduck (DAH-040SP) Review

Beast Kingdom revealed last year that some of our favorite characters from the Disney Afternooniverse would be coming to their Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure lineup. Those characters included Darkwing Duck, Negaduck, Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Goliath. Beast Kingdom’s Dynamic 8ction Heroes figures are highly articulated 1/9th scale figures. The figures also come loaded with accessories and alternate parts so that you can customize the character for your display.

Our friends at Beast Kingdom sent over the Negaduck Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure for us to showcase on the blog. Let’s get reviewing!


The packaging for this Negaduck figure comes in a square yellow box with artwork of the figure on the front of the box. The logo for the original Darkwing Duck series from 1991 is up top and center and is also featured on the side of the box. The figure is titled DuckTales Negaduck, but the design of the figure is definitely for the original Darkwing Duck series and not DuckTales (2017). There are some other DuckTales (2017) references in the inside packaging that we will point out below.

The inside flap of the box features the Darkwing Duck silhouette logo from DuckTales (2017) as well as a giant moon, smoke, and St. Canard skyline inspired by the DuckTales (2017) animation style.

Here is a side by side comparison picture of both the Beast Kingdom Darkwing Duck and Negaduck Dynamic 8ction Heroes box art.

Negaduck (DAH-040SP)

This colorful and diabolical Negaduck figure stands at 6.5 inches tall. Nega features over 20 points of articulation. Even the cape is articulated with wiring.


The Beast Kingdom Negaduck (DAH-040SP) figure comes with a dangerous collection of accessory items to customize Nega for play or display. The alternate parts are all really easy to swap out to your liking.

  • Three (3) alternate eye masks

I would have also loved a crazy blue and green eyes option like the box art.

If you have the Beast Kingdom Darkwing Duck Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure, you can use the black mask and make it Negaduck disguised as Darkwing Duck from the Just Us Justice Ducks episode.

  • Three alternate beaks (open/closed/grinning)
  • Detonator
  • Chainsaw
  • Bomb
  • Soft goods suit and cape

The soft good suit and cape help to cover most of Negaduck’s articulation joints. One of my favorite features is that the cape has wiring in it that will allow you to have Negaduck’s cape in dynamic poses.

  • Negaduck figure base with bracket

The figure base is a really nice addition, but this figure does not need the bracket to stand on it’s own. The base will look great in a display that has other Beast Kingdom Dynamic 8ction Heroes figures on their stands.

Diabolical Photos


The leader of the Fearsome Five looks absolutely wicked in the Beast Kingdom Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure line. I was both surprised and thrilled when this Negaduck figure was announced. He is such a great character in the Darkwing Duck villain rogue gallery. I would also love to see the other members of the Fearsome Five get figures in this line.

The high articulation and alternate parts will allow you to customize and display your Negaduck in many dynamic poses. The included accessories of the chainsaw, bomb, and detonator are perfect for this character. I had the best time customizing and posing Negaduck for all of the pictures in this blog, especially the pictures torturing poor Darkwing.

Enter the Negaverse and add this figure to your collection or else Negaduck might have to throw…THE SWITCH!


Where to Buy?

The Negaduck Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure (DAH-040SP) retails for $79.99 and will be in stock and shipping soon from Beast Kingdom. It is currently available to order at the link below:

Order: Negaduck Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure (DAH-040SP) (Beast Kingdom)

The Darkwing Duck Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure is also available to order.

Order: Darkwing Duck Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure (DAH-040) (Beast Kingdom)

Let us know what you think about the Beast Kingdom Negaduck Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure (DAH-040SP) in the comments below or tweet us @DuckTalks. Also, don’t forget to follow @beast_kingdom for all of their latest toys and collectibles news.


  1. I just got my Negaduck, and I’m waiting on Darkwing, but… As cool as this thing is, it’s a bit hard for me to wriggle around and pose. And the stand is pretty useless. The hands don’t want to pop out, and I’m leary of trying too hard to pull them.

    But it’s still a very nice figure all the same, even if the proportions are a little funky. And I’m glad they’re still acknowledging the superior original series.


    • The secret to posing the Nega and DW figures are in the articulation joints in the knees to balance the figure. The base of the stand is great, but the base arm is not helpful at all. As for the hands, you can try gently twisting the hands to get them the pop off.


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