Beast Kingdom Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey (DAH-041DX) Review

“Fantasia’ is timeless. It may run ten, twenty, thirty years. Fantasia’ is an idea in itself. I can never build another. I can improve. I can elaborate. That is all.” – Walt Disney

We have been really hyped on all of the new Beast Kingdom Disney Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure announcements. The Dynamic 8ction Heroes product line is Beast Kingdom’s highly articulated 1/9 scale figure line. Disney figure collectors finally have highly articulated figures that they can use in their displays to make them more dynamic. There have been a few amazing Disney/Pixar related releases from Toy Story, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Beast Kingdom is dedicated to the figure line’s expansion as the following Disney characters have been announced to be released next year: Darkwing Duck, Donald Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Goliath.

The first two classic Disney animated figures released as Dynamic 8ction Figures were of Mickey Mouse. After all it was all started by a mouse. The first one was a Beast Kingdom Summer Exclusive limited edition (1000) of Classic Black and White Mickey. You can check out pictures and my review of that figure here. The most recent release Disney Beast Kingdom Dynamic 8ction Figure is Mickey Mouse from the Sorcerer’s Apprentice segment of the 1940 Disney animated classic, Fantasia.

The Beast Kingdom Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Mouse Dynamic 8ction Heroes figure comes in a standard release and a deluxe edition which includes a few extra accessories.

Our friends at Beast Kingdom sent over the Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey (DAH-041DX) figure for us to showcase on the blog.


Beast Kingdom’s packaging for the deluxe edition of the figure comes in a huge Fantasia blue and gold box. The constellation Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Mouse head surrounded by stars, comets, planets, and musical notes makes for a great looking themed Fantasia box.

Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey (DAH-041DX)

This magical Mickey Mouse figure has an amazing 18 points of articulation. Mickey’s role in Fantasia as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice is one of his most iconic roles of his career. The figure is very accurate to what he looks like in Fantasia.

I do like that the Sorcerer’s blue hat is not attached to Mickey’s head so that you have the option to display with or without his hat as he does not have his hat on in some sequences of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice segment of Fantasia.


  • Two (2) replaceable face sculpts (happy, smiling)
  • Two (2) replaceable eyes (front facing, facing up)
  • Three (3) pairs of replaceable hands (fist, open, indicating)
  • One magical hat
  • Real fabric used in the Wizard Robe

Deluxe Accessories

The deluxe version of this figure comes with two additional accessories.

The first accessory is a magical broom carrying two buckets of water. This is a nice bonus as it is an additional character from the Sorcerer’s Apprentice animated segment to display with your Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey.

The second accessory included in the deluxe version is an epic display stand of a wave and magic column scene where Sorcerer’s Apprentice mickey is directing the stars.

Both the magical display stand and magical broom make the Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Mouse figure display even more dynamic. This display reminds me of Beast Kingdom’s Master Craft statue series except on a smaller scale that you can customize and pose.

Where to Buy?

Beast Kingdom’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey (DAH-041DX) retails for $99.99 and can be purchased directly from Beast Kingdom at the link below:

Order: Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey (DAH-041DX)

The non deluxe version retails for $69.99 and can be purchased directly from Beast Kingdom at the link below:

Order: Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey (DAH-041)

Final Thoughts

Mickey Mouse in his Sorcerer’s Apprentice outfit is definitely my favorite version of Mickey Mouse. Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey also appears in the Disney Parks fan favorite show Fantasmic!, and he is the logo for Walt Disney Imagineering. I love the 1/9 the scale size of this figure as well as the figure’s articulation that will allow for many different poses. Now I just need a 1/9th scale Maleficient dragon for my Fantasmic display.

“Some Imagination, huh?” – Mickey Mouse (Fantasmic!)

The Classic Black and White Mickey figure looks great displayed along side Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey. A Mickey through the years figure series would be amazing to honor more of Mickey’s memorable roles like Steamboat Willie, The Band Concert, The Brave Little Tailor, and Mickey’s Christmas Carol. I love where Beast Kingdom is taking the Disney releases in their Dynamic 8ction Heroes Figure series, and I can’t wait to see what the Mickey Mouse figures look like displayed with the Disney ducks that will be released next year. Don’t miss out on the Mickey Mouse Beast Kingdom Dynamic 8ction Heroes figures while they are still available.

Let us know what you think about Beast Kingdom’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey (DAH-041DX) figure in the comments below or tweet us @DuckTalks. Also, don’t forget to follow @beast_kingdom for all of their latest toys and collectibles news.

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