Baymax! Original Series Coming in Summer!

I was a huge fan of the Big Hero 6 movie. As a Marvel fan I was not familiar with the characters other than some of the crossovers they had with other characters, but that didn’t matter because the Disney Animation movie seemed very original.

The new series starring Baymax was first announced at the big investors meeting last year. This is the first time we’ve seen the series. Although the video quality wasn’t great on my end, the series looks like it’s right out of the movie!

Baymax takes care of the cafe in Baymax! Trailer for Disney+ Day!

It does appear the series will heavily focus on the antics of Baymax trying to help others as a Healthcare Companion, and there may be very little super heroics going on. In fact, there were no new scenes with Baymax in his armor. I’m not sure if other characters from the series will return, but there is hope. The teaser includes Cass, Hiro’s aunt, and her cafe. This may be an indication that other Big Hero 6 members could show up later.

Big Hero 6 The Series is also available on Disney+. If you enjoyed the movie you will probably enjoy this series that continues the heroics of the team Big Hero 6!

We will try to cover the news today as we see it. Stay tuned!

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