The Tale of the Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera Figure!

It was almost a week ago I received a call from Pirate Steven. Something amazing had happened, Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera was on EBay!

In 2018 the toy company PhatMojo released their DuckTales toy line that included most of the main cast. Absent from the toy line were season 1 fan favorites like Mrs. Beakley, Mark Beaks, the Beagle Boys, and Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera aka Gizmoduck.

The following year it appeared that could change. Although Series 2 of the DuckTales toy line was not officially announced, the PhatMojo’s website included a display showcasing what may have been expected. Della Duck, variations of characters from series 1, more vehicles, and Gizmoduck box art were on the display! Based on the packaging the large figure would include a Fenton figure that we guessed may have fit into the Gizmoduck figure.

PhatMojo’s DuckTales Series 2 Gizmoduck figure.

However, like many other Disney television properties a Series 2 toy line was never available. There was an attempt by PhatMojo to release the Gizmoduck figure for the holiday season (maybe it had initially been planned as part of Series 1), but even online campaigns to get the word out could not save the DuckTales toy line.

Our friends who follow the toy scene more closely saw it coming before we did. We rushed to our local Target stores where the toy line was an exclusive. We found plenty of Glomgold’s and Launchpads, Money Stacks, and figurines. Some of the more popular characters were hard to find. In fact, I only ever saw two Scrooge McDuck and two Donald Duck figures (yes, I bought them both). Surely the fact that the figures were sometimes hard to find meant the line was doing well… But then the entire line went to Clearance. And within a few months they were found in secondary retailers like Marshall’s and Bargain Hunts.

The line was cancelled… but what about the Gizmoduck figure? Well, we were told they would be destroyed. Despite our best efforts we were never able to get our hands on one to feature on our blog. All hope was lost for the Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera figure.

Which honestly was a real shame. When DuckTales neared it’s release the majority of it’s media attention focused on the inclusion of Lin-Manuel Miranda as the voice of Gizmoduck aka Fenton. His design was revealed in major publications, and there was a lot of buzz around the show because of the character. It truly was a missed opportunity to not include such an action-oriented character from an action-figure line.

That brings us to present day when 40-50 something DuckTales fans were able to order a Fenton figure from a seller on EBay. The story is that someone at a warehouse was able to save the Fenton figure from disposal, and the seller was the fortunate person to buy the lot to resell.

Once word spread online the figure sold out quickly, and this past week many fans have been sharing pics of their new figures online.

There was just one problem and one question. The figure is tiny in comparison to the Series 1 line… and are there any Gizmoduck figures that may find their way online (or Della figures for that matter… let’s not forget we might have had several Della figures and maybe even a DT17 Darkwing Duck figure)?

The answer to why Fenton is so small seemed to confirm what we guessed. He was supposed to fit into the Gizmoduck figure. PhatMojo even returned to social media after an absence to weigh in..

But what about the chance of additional figures? It is possible, but the seller of the Fenton figure says they do not currently own any more DuckTales series 2 figures. They also said after the success of their Fenton lot they will definitely be on the lookout for more figures from the series. I would like to add that I am not going to get my hopes up for too many other figures. If the Gizmoduck figures were not all destroyed we may see some of those, but I don’t think many other figures made it into production. We have seen that DuckTales Co-executive Producer, Frank Angones, has a few figures in his possession. So… maybe?

That is the story for now. We will keep an eye open for any other unreleased DuckTales merch that finds it way online. If you would like to find gems like the Fenton figure be sure to follow DuckTalks on Twitter @DuckTalks for up to date info. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go play with my Fenton figure.

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  1. Bro I just saw this, I stopped checking up a bit after DT ended.

    So, what all has leaked? It looks like Della did aswell, and is this a major leak or a small thing? So many questions, and to think I was the one to dig up the Gizmoduck release first in 2019.

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