Mickey and Friends Food Fight! Review!

We love board games at my house. We play games around the table regularly, and more often than not those games are Disney themed. When our friends at USAOPOLY let us know they would like to send a game with Mickey and Friends I was quick to volunteer my family to review. Thank you to USAOPOLY for sending us the game, and for the laughs when a food fight broke out in our dining area.

Mickey and Friends Food Fight! From USAOPLOY

Out of the box I knew my kids were going to enjoy this game. We love trivia games, card games, and board games… But Food Fight is a much more interactive game.

There is a story included in the directions that sets the scene. You learn how Mickey and his friends find themselves in an epic food fight. I always like when a game fits into the box creatively, and we enjoyed unboxing this game for the first time. I didn’t film it, but let us know if we should be providing unboxing videos for these products.

Mickey and Friends Food Fight! By USAOPOLY opened box.

The game play is very simple, and there are variations included in the directions for families with younger kids. We enjoy dividing up the character trays as we try to grab our favorite characters. Donald and Daisy go quick, followed by Minnie and Mickey. I have used Goofy when one of the kids chooses Donald. The artwork on the trays and the food items themselves are a lot of fun. They are in the Mickey shorts “Rudish” style that many of us have come to love.

Mickey and Friends Food Fight by USAOPOLY game trays.

Setup for the game is pretty straight forward. Up to five players grab a tray designed for the character of their choice. Depending on the number of players the food items are divided up randomly. Everyone gets a set of three dice which instruct the player on how many (1-3) of a food item they are going to pass (to the middle tray, left, right, or any other player.

Mickey and Friends Food Fight! game setup.

The game play is chaotic, and the first to win three matches wins. Food Fight is not your standard board game, and it offers hours of fun for kids and families. The gameplay is easy enough that your younger kids will enjoy it, and your competitive kids are going to play multiple rounds.

USAOPOLY’s Mickey and Friends Food Fight! dice.

Final verdict: We LOVE it. My kids are 10 and 9, and we all enjoy tossing the food at each other’s plates. We haven’t gotten around to trying the variations of the game, but we don’t really need to because we have enjoyed the standard rules so much. If your Disney loving family enjoys playing games together this game is a must play.

Check out USAOPOLY’s video on how to play the game;

You should be able to find this game in local retailers, but if you would like to purchase the game online you can find it at USAOPOLY’s website. Here is a link: https://theop.games/products/game/disney-mickey-and-friends-food-fight/

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