Could We Get New Darkwing Duck Comics?!

Of course we can! Listen, it’s 2021 and how many projects get going after fan campaigns on social media. I don’t understand how we got half way through September without more Darkwing Duck merch or projects announced, but it’s a shame for sure. We know from this sites own ability to see when people use our links that you all are excited for the Q-fig, the Funkoverse Expansion, the pins, and the upcoming figures.

We know Joe Books lost the license, and we know IDW’s Disney books are no longer available on digital sites. So now seems like the perfect time for a publisher to come in and begin new stories (or continue the previous run, which is honestly our hope). Now is the time for Darkwing fans to make it known to Disney that we don’t want them to sit on the license. We are more than willing to buy a monthly book continuing tales of the “Masked Mallard!”

I still remember when I first heard about Joe Book’s Darkwing series. It got me back into a comic book store for the first time in years. I had no idea who Joe Books was (and neither did the store owner), but I knew I had to read this comic. Then, I found out about the previous series and the Definitively Dangerous Edition. My fandom for the character grew exponentially as I read these stories and remembered how much fun it was to get new DW stories.

We are currently working on some ideas to get some things rolling. We KNOW there are fans out there who would be willing to support a new comic. But we need your help. Please follow us on Twitter and get ready to share your love for DW with your fellow fans. We want Disney to notice us, and our appreciation for a great character.

What are your thoughts? We are currently reaching out to the various reaches of the Darkwing fandom looking for support. If we are going to see anything happen, I think we need to make our voices heard.


  1. I would LOVE it if Disney un-cancelled the Darkwing Duck comic, especially since the comic ended on a LOT more unresolved plot threads than the DuckTales reboot. But sadly, I don’t think they ever will, since they already rebooted these characters for DuckTales and are about to reboot the series again, and Disney likely doesn’t want to create brand confusion. (I’ve read that’s the reason they won’t release Fox’s Peter Pan and the Pirates on DVD or Disney+.) A pity, too, since I really want to see that DuckTales crossover where Tuskerninni (who’s one of my favorite Darkwing villains, by the way) casts Darkwing in a Scrooge McDuck biopic.


    • Arron and James still hope for something one day. It wasn’t just a decision by Disney from what I heard but rather due to sales. If they should revive it I think they could do it online.


      • The JoeBooks comic had marketing issues. No one knew about it unless you were a super fan following it online. Unfortunately there weren’t a lot of outlets out there making sure people knew the comic was available.

        With only a few issues promised it was unlikely JoeBooks was going to keep publishing the book, but it was worth a try.


  2. I actually have a few ideas that can help with the comics. In fact it’s a present for Arron and James. Would you like to hear more.


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