LEGO Marvel Studios Minifigures Coming Soon!

I don’t know if you were around when we were excited by the LEGO Disney Series 2 Minifigures, but let me assure you we like them. LEGO’s Minifigures are sold in blind bags. You do not know what you are buying unless you are able to feel for specific pieces that may inform you on the contents of the bag.

LEGO Minifigure blind bag!

The next minifigure release has a Disney+ theme, and there are more than a few of these that I am already excited about (I MUST have Cap and Winter Soldier!). The set is expected to release September 1st and it looks like there will be 12 figures in the set.

The figures are based on the Marvel Studios Disney+ series “WandaVision”, “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”, “Loki”, and “What If?…” The figures pictured are; Spider-Man Sorcerer Supreme, T’Challa Ravager, The Scarlet Witch, Vision (WandaVision), Captain America (Sam Wilson), The Winter Soldier, Sylvie, Variant Loki, Captain Britain (Peggy Carter), Photon (Monica Rambeau), Zombie Captain America, and Gamora.

Check out our tweet and official images below.

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