Mystermask “Darkwing Duck” French Fève Collection

Mystermask…Soyons dangereux!

MysterMask translates to Darkwing Duck in English. The show was a hit in France along with other Disney Afternoon shows like La Bande à Picsou, Tic et Tac Les Rangers du Risqué, and Super Baloo.

I saw a tweet last month from our friends at the St. Canard Files mentioning that Mysterymask had exclusive merch in France.

I decided to check the eBay to see what I could find. There were some Mystermask books, a Panini sticker album, a pin, and one very unique item…a set of Mysterymask Fèves.

What is a fève? A fève is a small trinket hidden in a king cake or similar dessert. Being a native New Orleanian, it excited me at the thought of having authentic Mystermask king cake babies in my collection. Let’s take a closer look at this set of 10 figures.

The Heroes

The Villains


Flagada Jones


Cuicui Bourbifoot

Couac Mobile

Mystermask (Negatron)


Bec d’Acier

L’ouiseau Melette

Alfred Hitchphoque

This was a fun and unique addition from France for my Darkwing Duck collection. I definitely will not be using these figures to hide in king cakes. It is always interesting to see merch from other countries. I wouldn’t mind a Disney Afternoon French soundtrack. That Mysterymask theme song rocks!

Disney themed fève sets were also available on eBay for La Bande à Picsou (DuckTales), Tic et Tac Les Rangers du Risqué (Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers), Super Baloo (TaleSpin), La Bande a Dingo (Goof Troop), and Gargoyles (Gargoyles).

Do you have any Mysterymask items in your collection? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. If you’re interested in Mystermask products, I recently scanned and uploaded two French Darkwing Duck books onto Internet Archive, including the “Regle L’addition” book. The texts are in French obviously, but they have original artwork, and if you’d like to see them, they’re available for anyone to look at now. : )

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