Super7 Disney Ultimates Wave 2 Revealed

Last year, Super7 announced a new partnership with Disney that would allow Super7 to integrate Disney characters into their popular figure lines. So far they have released some really epic Disney’s Haunted Mansion and the Nightmare Before Christmas ReAction figures. Super7 also revealed last year which figures would be coming to their mega popular Ultimates product line for Disney Ultimates Wave 1.

Disney Ultimates Wave 1 will start shipping in the Fall, and it will include Sorcerer Mickey, Prince John, and Pinocchio. Prince John was the surprise figure and my favorite from this wave of figures. The Wave 1 figures were an instant preorder for me, and you can read all my thoughts about them here. If you have any interest in Wave 1, you should order them immediately before they are no longer available.

Order: Disney Ultimates Sorcerer Mickey

Order: Disney Ultimates Prince John

Order: Disney Ultimates Pinocchio

Super7’s Disney Ultimates Wave 2 was recently announced. Wave 2 will include Robin Hood, Alice, the Mad Hatter, and Hyacinth Hippo. Each Wave 2 figure will cost $54.99.

Robin Hood

Order: Disney Ultimates Robin Hood

Robin Hood was definitely a character who was hinted at for this wave by Brian Flynn from Super7. He will look great paired up with the Prince John figure from Wave 1. I bet other Robin Hood figures will be a part of future waves. Maid Marian, Little John, and the Sheriff of Nottingham would be great additions. It is almost like getting two figures in one as we are also getting Robin Hood in his disguise from the archery tournament. I have read some comments that some fans were going to buy two sets so that they could display Robin in his normal attire and also the disguise.


Order: Disney Ultimates Alice

Alice in Wonderland is celebrating it’s 70th Anniversary this year. The Alice figure package definitely defines ultimate as it includes everything that you could possibly want for accessories with this figure. You also get a secondary character with her cat, Dinah. There are three different expressive head sculpts including one with the glasses bird when she gets lost in the Tulgey Wood forest. Alice also comes with a smaller figure from when she shrinks in the movie from drinking something. The Eat Me and Drink Me snacks are also included. I can’t think of much else an Alice in Wonderland fan could want except for maybe a flamingo croquet.

The Mad Hatter

Order: Disney Ultimates The Mad Hatter

We also get a second character from Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter. This figure comes with a second head sculpt and plenty of accessories to stage your own Mad Tea Party. All of the accessories are straight out of the film like his unbirthday cake. We get a small additional character with the Dormouse popping out of the tea pot. Other unique accessories from the movie include, broken plate, the White Rabbit’s watch full of jam, a three pour tea pot, and another hat. Will we get the March Hare in a future wave? I would have loved to have seen a large tea cup with either the Alice or the Mad Hatter release which could have been used for a Disney Parks display with the two characters riding the Mad Tea Party ride. I do like the Mad Hatter. I would have preferred to have seen a villain figure like the Queen of Hearts to have been paired with Alice.

Hyacinth Hippo

Order: Disney Ultimates Hyacinth Hippo

Fantasia gets a second Disney Ultimates figure with the unexpected Hyacinth Hippo. I am surprised and delighted by this one. This is a figure that I didn’t know I needed, but I do need it. This is also one that I could see people order multiple of since there were both yellow and pink hippos in the Dance of the Hours sequence from Fantasia. Hyacinth Hippo also has a brief cameo in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. There is also three very expressive head sculpts for multiple great poses. I would think that her dance partner, Ben Ali Gator, will be included in a future wave. If Super7 is going to stay committed to Fantasia, then please bring on Chernabog.

Final Thoughts

I was way off with my guesses for Wave 2. I would have guessed a Disney Villain. I would have hoped for a Disney Afternoon character or the Three Caballeros. What Super7 delivered was very unique. Super7 always likes to release products for characters that no one else is doing. No one is making highly articulated Robin Hood, Mad Hatter, or Hyacinth Hippo figures. Alice has other figures out there, but they are not this articulated with multiple head sculpts and accessories. Wave 2 does cost $10 additional dollars due to increase costs for making the figures. I will be adding all of these figures to my list of preorders, and I look forward to the next wave after this one.

Let us know what you think about Super7’s Disney Ultimates Wave 2 figures in the comments below or tweet us @DuckTalks. What figures would you like to see in a future wave?

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