Funko Soda Rocketeer Review

The Rocketeer is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary this year. Diamond Select Toys did an epic job with their Rocketeer collectibles releases last year. Funko joined the celebration with a The Rocketeer Funko Soda figure release as part of their WonderCon virtual event in April.

I did not have any Funko Soda figure releases, but the Rocketeer was definitely enough for me to open my wallet and buy my first one. Luckily, one of my friends was able to secure on with the WonderCon Funko Lottery.


The figure comes uniquely packaged in a soda can.

The Rocketeer Funko Soda figure is a limited edition of 3,000. Most Funko soda can figures include the possibility that the figure may be a variant chase, but in this case all 3,000 are the 1991 The Rocketeer movie version. There were many possibilities for variants such as unmasked, black and white, or comic version.

Since this figure was a WonderCon exclusive, there is a WonderCon sticker on the back of the can.

The Rocketeer

Funko included the detail of the gum on the Rocketeer’s jet pack that covers a bullet hole from the movie.

A Rockeer Pog is included in the bottom of the soda can which is sort of like the certificate of authenticity. The color scheme of the Rocketeer on the pog resembles the comic version of the character. The pog also lists the edition size of the figure.

Final Thoughts

I really like the soda can concept of this figure pack. The Rocketeer is a great character from a classic 1991 film that I love even more every time I watch it. The figure looks great, and I wish more people would have had a chance to get a hold of it since it is already sold out of it’s low edition size of only 3,000. If you are interested in this figure, you will need to find it on the secondary market. I definitely would buy more Funko Soda products if they release Disney Afternoon Funko Soda figures.

This Rocketeer Funko Soda figure looks great added to my Rocketeer figure collection.

Let us know what you think about the Rocketeer Funko Soda figure in the comments below or tweet us @DuckTalks.

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