Fantagraphics Disney Masters Vol. 16: Jumpin’ Jupiter Review

Disney Masters

Fantagraphics launched the Disney Masters Series with Vol. 1: The Delta Dimension in May 2018. Since then they have published a few new volumes in the Disney Masters series each year. Volumes have been alternating between the central character and story being Mickey Mouse related or Donald Duck/Uncle Scrooge.

Fantagraphics presents Disney Masters – acclaimed artists from around the world working in the grand Walt Disney tradition. Many of these stories are new to American readers and appear here for the first time in English. Fresh new artwork, fresh new adventures, and fresh new laughs!

Disney Masters Vol. 16: Jumpin’ Jupiter

Book Description:

Fantagraphics continues to bring internationally beloved Disney Duck comics to the English-speaking world – this volume highlights Bottaro’s Rebo, sci-fi bad guy!

If you were Donald Duck, and the raging King Rebo of Saturn attacked your town – would you hire Rebo’s enemies from Jupiter to defend you? What if, as payment, the Jovians wanted to eat your rich Uncle Scrooge’s money? And what happens when Daisy joins the intergalactic battle? Italian Luciano Bottaro spun wild, thrilling, and near-psychedelic Duckburg tales for decades! This volume also features “Quest for the Virtual Duck,” as well as another story in which Dr. Zantaf – Scrooge’s and Donald’s mad scientist foe from Earth – returns! Full-color illustrations throughout.

Disney Masters Vol. 16: Donald Duck: Jumpin’ Jupiter will be released by Fantagraphics in May 2021. The stories included in this volume were originally published in Italy and appear here in English for the first time.

This volume of the Disney Masters series is 180 pages and features Disney Master Luciano Bottaro.

A short biography on Luciano Bottaro is included at the back of this volume.

Disney Masters Vol. 16: Jumpin’ Jupiter is available in hardcover and Kindle\Comixology versions. A link to buy this book can be found at the end of this review.

The next two new release volumes in the Disney Masters series have already been announced and are available for preorder:

Disney Masters Vol. 17: Mickey Mouse: The Man from Alcatraz

Disney Masters Vol. 18: Uncle Scrooge: Pie in the Sky

Included Stories

There are 4 stories included in Disney Masters Vol. 16:

  • Fear the Wrath of Rebo!
  • Jumpin’ Jupiter!
  • The Washed-Up Witch
  • Voyage to the Bottom of the Hole

In Fear the Wrath of Rebo!, Rebo and his henchman land on a dangerous asteroid where they encounter their rivals from Jupiter once again who have stopped on the asteroid for a metal snack before going to Earth to retrieve their Virtuoduck from Scrooge McDuck. Team Rebo hides in their Jovian ship to get off of the asteroid. Rebo commandeers the ship, and he becomes in possession of the destructo-ray on board. Rebo now has his sites set on revenge on Donald Duck via using the ray to destroy Duckburg.

In Jumpin’ Jupiter!, Rebo forms an alliance to takeover Jupiter with an evil scientist, Dr. Zantaf. Rebo definitely plans to double cross Dr. Zantaf later, but first he is going to have to get through Donald Duck, Gyro Gearloose, and the Jovians’ Virtuoduck.

Witch Hazel tries really hard to get Goofy to believe in witches in The Washed-Up Witch.

Scrooge McDuck and Gyro Gearloose goes searching for treasure in various dimension’s black holes in Voyage to the Bottom of the Hole. Dr. Zantaf also returns for this story.

Final Thoughts

Rebo returns and is foiled by Jupiter’s greatest hero, Donald Duck, again. It was great to continue the Saturn vs. Jupiter saga that I first read about all the way back in Disney Masters Vol. 2: Uncle Scrooge’s Money Rocket. This book collects the third and fourth stories of Rebo, Saturn’s dictators. If you have Disney Masters Vol. 2 and 16, you now have all of the Rebo stories.

Luciano Bottaro‘s Witch Hazel stories are always really humorous and entertaining, and it was great to see her interact with Goofy. I would not mind a whole volume of Witch Hazel stories. I also enjoyed reading the short biography about Disney Master, Luciano Bottaro. This was another solid volume in Fantagraphics’ Disney Masters series.

I love the Disney Masters series because we get treated to stories and illustrations from more great Disney comic creators besides the legendary Barks and Rosa. We may have never had a chance to read these stories outside of Fantagraphics’ Disney Masters series.

I am definitely looking forward to reading future volumes of Fantagraphics’ Disney Masters series. A big thank you to Fantagraphics for sending us this book to review so that we can continue our education and journey through the history of Disney Comics.

You can purchase Disney Masters Vol. 16 at the link below:

Order: Disney Masters Vol. 16: Donald Duck: Jumpin’ Jupiter

Order: Disney Masters Vol. 2: Donald Duck: Uncle Scrooge’s Money Rocket

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